The Top Shipping Mistakes You Can Avoid With LTL Freight Companies

ltl freight companies
The Top Shipping Mistakes You Can Avoid With LTL Freight Companies

While choosing less than truckload (LTL) shipping can be a huge benefit for companies that do not have freight loads large enough for a full trailer, this shipping method can be tricky for those who haven't used it before. When a company makes these missteps with its shipping methods, the mistakes can hinder their productivity and negatively impact their profits.

Typically, LTL freight companies have the experience and business partnerships necessary to avoid potential pitfalls. Discover these common mistakes companies make when using LTL shipping services and you'll see how expedited freight services can help you avoid them.

Errors in documentation

In any type of truckload shipping, there is a lot of documentation involved. Shipping documentation can include packing verifications, payment information and confirmations, classification, and product description information. If any of these documents contain mistakes or are not filled out correctly, your entire shipment may not be delivered on time or to the correct destination. As LTL freight companies have years of experience in dealing with shipping paperwork, they will know exactly how to handle it in order to get your shipments to where they need to be in plenty of time.

Not considering all shipping options

When looking at different freight transportation options, many people may assume that shipping by air will always be faster. However, that is not always the case. With almost 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, and vessels moving goods over the transportation network, ground shipping can be more efficient for your business than shipping by air. When you work with LTL freight companies, you can explore all of your options together and you will be able to receive expert advice from the professionals.

Providing inaccurate dimensions or class information

The freight class of an LTL shipment depends on the package's weight and dimensions. However, many organizations don't have the proper scales or equipment to accurately weigh or measure their shipments. They will then estimate these measurements, but estimations can lead to the incorrect freight class. All of these mistakes tie into inaccurate documentation, meaning that your shipment could be delayed or not processed at all. However, experienced professionals will be able to determine the correct freight class for your package.

While it may seem like LTL shipping should be a simple matter, it can actually become rather complicated. When you don't follow the correct procedures, it becomes even more complex. Contact Diversified Transportation Services today to work with the company that can ensure your shipping process runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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