The Pros And Cons Of Aircraft Shipping

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The Pros And Cons Of Aircraft Shipping

When it comes to shipping your goods via expedited air shipping there are a number of pros and cons that you should consider. Before you choose reliable aerospace logistics services, here are some of the perks and pitfalls associated with freight shipping by air.



There are numerous benefits to choosing air freight when you want to ship your valuable goods. Here are just some of the ways moving your specialty freight by air can help your business:

  • Speed: The primary benefit associated with air travel is the speed at which your goods are shipped. Without needing to navigate treacherous roads and winding routes, air travel is one of the fasted available solutions. This is incredibly beneficial when valuable aerospace logistics rely on speed and efficiency.
  • International reach: Air travel also enables a retailer or business to ship goods across the globe. Air freight allows goods to travel almost anywhere with countless airlines servicing more than 200 countries on average. Air freight can reach the other end of the world in only a couple of days and the other end of the United States within hours. This is a huge benefit to shipping valuable goods and improving customer trust.
  • Safety: When it comes to shipping valuable goods, safety during shipping should be a top priority. With aerospace logistics and air freight services, you never need to worry about how the package is handled or whether it might be lost on the road. With the minimal handling associated with shipping by air, your goods stay safe.



Unfortunately, every form of shipping has its drawbacks. Here are some of the cons you should consider before you ship your items by air:

  • Delays: Even though it's easier to guarantee fast shipping speeds once the plane is in the air, it doesn't mean it won't experience delays before takeoff. If you've ever flown by plane, you know how frustrating it can be. When it comes to some forms of shipping, relying on expedited trucking transportation might be a better option.
  • Higher costs: This is particularly frustrating if you're shipping heavy goods. Shipping by air costs more upfront, but heavy loads can make these costs surge. This is because many flight options calculate costs by weight whereas sea shipping and truckload shipping rates determine cost by volume. This is increasingly common, especially since the average truckload has decreased by 4% between 2011 and 2016 alone.


When it comes to shipping your valuable goods, you want to pick the best expedited freight company around. That's why transparency is a hallmark of DTS. We will offer the pros and cons for each type of shipping services to ensure you get the best experience possible. For more information on global aerospace logistics, contact us today.

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