Technologies That Make Trucking Easier and Safer

Technologies That Make Trucking Easier and Safer

The world of trucking, from truckload logistics to machinery transport services, is constantly growing and changing. New technology is being invented and utilized to make shipping items easier and more efficient. It has come a long way over the years and it's now easier for all aspects of trucking to be tracked and improved. From creating faster delivery routes to relaying information with more ease.

The technologies listed below can offer multiple benefits to trucking companies:

1. Electronic Driving Logs

While there is some controversy over the value of electronic driving logs, still they do have their benefits. These benefits are mostly linked to driver safety and efficiency. Having to electronically log your driving hours means you can't operate outside of the hours approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This might pose some issues when it comes to scheduling shipments and meeting deadlines, but it increases the safety of truck drivers drastically. Driving for extended periods of time, beyond the limits that are put in place, can lead to a higher number of crashes due to exhaustion. These electronic logs also make it easier to keep track of this information, rather than having to enter everything by hand on paper. It also helps reduce the number of mistakes made in these logs.

2. Quality GPS

A good, up-to-date GPS system can make a huge difference for truck drivers. A large part of efficient truckload logistics and expedited freight services is fast and informed delivery. A good GPS system can help drivers utilize dynamic routing, which can be updated as needed should an original route be obstructed or slowed down. It also allows truckers to track their estimated arrival time, so that they can keep the customer informed.

3. Camera Systems

Different camera systems offer different benefits. Some help to create better visibility and avoid accidents. Others monitor the road and record what takes place in case of an incident. Either way, they are a good safety measure for truck drivers to utilize. They provide added safety, as well as a reliable source of information, should another vehicle cause an accident. This is great for insurance purposes and can help protect both the driver and the business.

4. Temperature Tracking Equipment

Oftentimes, truckload logistics include the need to monitor temperatures. This is because food items are regularly shipped in trucks and need to be kept at specific temperatures for safety and preservation. There are now automated tracking systems available that keep a record of truck temperatures. This makes keeping perishable items good easier on drivers, especially as they travel long distances and experience changes in weather.

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