Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for the Chinese New Year?

Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is around the corner and supply chain professionals are already preparing for the estimated three-week shutdown of the world’s largest economy. The week-long event starts on Feb 8th, 2016. The holiday lasts a week but many workers go home 1 or 2 weeks sooner to be with their families.

For U.S. retailers, importers, customs brokers, and supply chain managers, their orders in most cases have already been placed to ensure prompt shipping out of China. Inventories have already been built up for most retailers to ensure they have products on their shelves. If you have not done

Tips for Shippers

1. Book your shipments as early as possible and at least two weeks in advance from China to ensure your shipments get moved out on a plane or via ship.

2. Consistently communicate with your suppliers overseas.

3. If you have to have your goods faster - consider air freight as an option.

4. During the holiday most emails go unanswered and payments are not processed in China as most banks tend to be closed and or very short-staffed.

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