7 Tips for Smooth Customs Clearance for Your Freight

7 Tips for Smooth Customs Clearance for Your Freight

When shipping your products internationally, all your items need to pass through customs. If they do not pass, it could result in delayed shipping times and the confiscation of your goods. To prevent this, you can use these seven tips for smooth customs clearance for your freight.

1. Seal All Freight

If your packages are not completely sealed, they can take longer to pass through customs. Before you ship any packages, always ask your employees to seal all packages completely.

2. Use Accurate Invoices

An invoice is a document that describes the contents of your packages and their costs. If your invoice is incomplete or inaccurate, it will be difficult to pass your items through customs. Always ensure that your invoice and other documents are accurate and complete.

3. Learn the Laws

Some countries do not allow certain items to travel through their borders. Learning these shipping laws of the destination country can save your company both time and money. Be sure to research any port and country laws before shipping internationally.

4. Be Organized

Being organized is essential to ship internationally. You should always make copies of your receipts, invoices, and other documents just in case any issues arise.

5. Never Place Paperwork Inside Shipments

All shipping documents, such as the commercial invoice and receipts, need to be attached to the box itself. If you place these documents inside, your packages will be held by customs. Customs workers do not open the shipment for their safety, so it’s best to attach any documents to the outside of the box.

6. Answer Any Inquiries

Sometimes, customs may have questions regarding your items or paperwork. It is best to answer these inquiries as soon as possible so your shipment can continue to its destination.

7. Work With a Shipping Company

The shipping company already has experience with customs, and they can help ensure that your items pass through quickly and without issues.

With these seven tips for smooth customs clearance for your freight, you can now pass customs with ease. If you want to hire a shipping company to help, contact us at Diversified Transporation Services. We offer international shipping solutions and can make your shipping processes smooth, quick, and efficient. Contact us at Diversified Transportation Services today, and we will be glad to answer any of your shipping questions.

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