Separating Fact From Fiction: Common 3PL Myths Debunked

Separating Fact From Fiction: Common 3PL Myths Debunked

When navigating any industry, having the ability to separate fact from fiction opens the door to new opportunities. For instance, certain myths in the shipping industry relate to 3PL. This stands for third-party logistics, which is a service provided to companies through which certain shipping operations are outsourced to another professional service. Due to the myths about 3PL, it’s not always easy to determine whether it’s the best step for a business.

To help you take that step accurately, look below to find several common 3PL myths debunked.

Overall Quality Consistency

When working with a third party on any aspect of your business, it’s understandable to have trepidation regarding their quality, whether it’s their speed or efficiency. If you’re working with a reputable 3PL, their services should help your business expand.

Moreover, they should be taking additional work off your plate to reduce stress and maintain efficiency. For instance, our international shipping solutions help businesses ship to and from the United States. Simply put, you don’t have to reduce the quality of your operations when partnering with a 3PL.

A Daunting Upgrade

Another common 3PL myth that can be swiftly debunked is that partnering with a 3PL is too daunting in scope or price. Of course, budgeting for a 3PL partnership is important, but prices will vary depending on unique factors, from your needs to the third party who is potentially accommodating them.

Moreover, third-party logistics are beneficial to businesses of all sizes, so choosing to expand in this way depends on your operation’s needs more than anything. Whether you’re a massive company or a flourishing smaller-scale enterprise, teaming up with a 3PL can expand your capabilities and maintain in-house efficiency. Always consider your options when optimizing shipping operations.

Degrading Communications

Another understandable concern regarding a 3PL’s performance and professionalism is their communication skills. Struggling to communicate with a 3PL that provides an essential service to your business is stressful, but it’s not the experience you’ll have universally. At Diversified Transportation Services, we take great pride in communicating daily with our customers and offer an online portal where our customers have full transparency on the status of every one of their shipments.

Finding the right 3PL to assist your operations means finding a service that is fully transparent with you and provides equal transparency to your customers. Any time a customer reaches out for assistance with a 3PL, they should expect the same attentiveness and friendliness that your company would provide. After seeing the myths debunked above, you can start finding ways to integrate 3PLs into your operations to support and stabilize your services.

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