Qualities to Look for in a Third-Party Logistics Company

Qualities to Look for in a Third-Party Logistics Company

Operating your business day after day takes your full attention and focus. Keeping the operation humming along takes patience, experience, business savvy, and a lot of time. Time is your biggest asset in the business world, and there never seems to be enough of it. How you spend your time becomes vital to the success of the company. When you can save some time by delegating responsibilities, you do it. A big way to save time is by honing your logistics and shipping operations. Managing your transportation needs and delivering your products to customers can be a tangled mess and could eat up your day if something goes wrong. Fortunately, there are third-party logistics companies and freight transportation services like Diversified Transportation Services (DTS) waiting to do that job for you. DTS has been delivering best-in-class services for over 25 years and we have all the qualities to look for in a third-party logistics company.

Traceability of Goods

Your customers want to know where their products are and when they will arrive, and we make sure you can tell them. A good freight transportation service will keep close tabs on your shipment and be able to tell you where it is at any time, 24/7. Lost shipments cost everyone time and money, and at DTS provide 24/7 tracking and tracing.

Advanced Technology

There’s no need for writing a Bill of Lading or manifesting it out with a pen and paper, and there hasn’t been for some time. A qualified, professional transport company will have the technology available for you to find an affordable carrier with a good track record and let you schedule your shipment all in one spot, without the need to make multiple phone calls. DTS has a proprietary web portal to aid all customers with shipping their merchandise.

Good Communication and Accessibility

A good 3PL company will always have excellent communication and be accessible to you. Problems aren’t limited to an eight-hour window Monday through Friday; they can pop up at any time, and usually at the worst possible time. You need a service provider that is there to take your calls, answer your questions, and provide solutions the moment something goes wrong.

Global Access

Your business isn’t limited to a 30-mile radius around the operation, it’s worldwide. Technology quickly is bringing new opportunities to companies that were not previously international. Companies with international clientele need to get products shipped in a timely fashion and in one piece, and global access is an important quality to look for in a third-party logistics company. A broker with a global reach is what you need to assist you in your shipping operations.

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