Modern Pharmaceuticals Transportation Solutions

Modern Pharmaceuticals Transportation Solutions

The world of pharmaceutical transportation has changed drastically in the last two decades, and only a qualified 3PL with deep knowledge of the industry can ensure that your specialized needs are met.

While many modern firms would love to take care of all their transportation needs in-house, the reality is this: modern shipping routes are extremely complex, modern packaging requirements are almost equally complex, and risk is skyrocketing as pharmaceuticals have progressively higher values and are shipped in progressively smaller amounts.

Though this confusing cloud of requirements can certainly be navigated in-house by experienced, diligent cold-chain specialists; in practice, it can be very difficult to get the right team in place (and keep them there).

Having someone with a network of partners around the globe who can employ the latest advances in cold chain technology, diversion-and-theft deterrents, and active and passive packaging, is going to be crucial for long-term success.

While many large multinationals have the resources, experience, and networks necessary to continually succeed in the new world of pharmaceutical transportation, mid-market, and small businesses, especially in the biotech arena, often need the help of experienced, cold-chain-oriented 3PLs.

Modern Pharmaceuticals Cost More and Are Shipped in Smaller Quantities

And, moving out a bit from a focus on pharmaceuticals and speaking just generally about shipping biomaterials: even products with an extremely high value can have that value overlooked when the product itself is rare, difficult to produce or procure, irreplaceable, or time-sensitive (especially if it’s needed for a life-saving or life-altering procedure).

Although many pharmaceuticals are still shipped in bulk, and though many pharmaceuticals can be shipped in close-to-standard or standard packaging, not all of them can be shipped that way.  The rise in high-value and high-risk shipments, especially those that require precise temperature controls over long periods or armed security detail, has pushed many modern 3PLs to broaden their supply chain networks.  In addition, they’re encouraging partners across the globe to provide extensive supply chain visibility, coordinated handling requirements, customized active or passive containers, and proactive monitoring and intervention.

Though you can certainly build all of this into your supply chain and handle these modern problems in-house, partnering with a 3PL can not only save you the trouble of trying to learn and implement such procedures and technologies yourself, but it can also ensure that you experience zero learning curve.

When your packages are as valuable, impact-and-temperature sensitive, and vulnerable to diversion or theft as pharmaceuticals are, you want more than the bare minimum of assurances about how they’re shipped. There’s a certain sense of comfort and security that comes with knowing that an expert is handling the entirety of your supply chain and ensuring that your packages get where they need to go while remaining safe and protected.

3PLs Save You Time and Money While Increasing Efficiency and Supply Chain Visibility

Though it can, at first, seem counterintuitive that handing over control of your supply chain to a third party would increase supply chain visibility, the truth is, that many in-house supply chains suffer from a lack of visibility because of the cost of implementing the technology necessary to create the highest level of visibility possible.

3PLs are very often a good investment for precisely this reason. To maintain the highest level of service possible and attract valuable clients, savvy 3PLs will invest heavily in the technology (like Diversified Transportation’s TMS) and the resources required to implement the highest quality cold chain and supply chain solutions possible.

But even going beyond this, hiring a 3PL can save a huge amount of time and money.

Time is often saved on the front end as you don’t have to worry about any of the intricacies of setting up shipments and monitoring them to completion, and money is often saved on the backend as the long-term costs of complete supply management (and associated infrastructure, technology, and equipment investment) are moved onto the shoulders of the 3PL.

And you only end up paying for what you need.

Many firms will experience an increase in efficiency when they partner with a 3PL as they can focus on what they do best, rather than on supply chain management.

In the end, you’re able to offer your clients and customers a high level of service and concentrate on your area of expertise, while we ensure that all shipments arrive precisely where they need to arrive, in the hands of the right person, while remaining safe and protected and at the correct temperature.

Need Help With Pharmaceuticals Transportation?

Ultimately, we can provide your team and clients with a superior level of concierge transportation service, allowing you to dedicate more time to your core areas of expertise.

With our experience in shipping diverse pharmaceutical products, we are exceptionally positioned to assist you in discovering the ideal cold chain solution tailored to your requirements.

Contact us today to find out how a partnership with Diversified Transportation Services can be the tool you need to unlock your pharmaceutical transportation needs.

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