Mexico Trucking - Transloading vs. Through-Trailer Shipping | DTS

Transloading vs. Through-Trailer Shipping in Mexico Trucking
Mexico Trucking - Transloading vs. Through-Trailer Shipping | DTS

Transloading vs. Through-Trailer: Your Mexico Trucking Cross-Border Freight Options

Getting your goods across borders involves many decisions — especially when considering shipping methods. When transporting goods from Mexico to the US, you will encounter a few different Mexico trucking cross-border freight options, including transloading and through-trailer freight.

We’re going to run through what each shipping method means and which is best for cross-border freight.

Transloading vs. through-trailer freight

Here are the major differences between transloading and through-trailer cross-border shipping.

What is transloading?

Transloading is a term used in shipping and logistics that refers to the transfer of goods from one mode of transportation to another during the journey. For example, a carrier would use transloading if a shipment was coming from Europe to the US. Goods would be transported by road or train before being loaded onto a ship or plane to reach its destination. This process often involves storing goods in a warehouse during the transfer process.

Transloading has become the standard for most shipping processes due to increased international trade, thanks to the explosion in e-commerce. Transloading makes it easier for businesses to navigate the complicated logistics of acquiring and shipping goods internationally. It allows carriers to combine the most effective modes of transport to help ensure the goods are delivered quickly. 

For shipments coming from Mexico into the US, transloading is common when using multiple carriers for a shipment. The journey typically involves four carriers: a Mexico-based trucking for the shipment’s journey to the border, a crossing carrier to bring shipments across the border, a transloading facility, and a US-based carrier to get the shipment to its destination. This process is primarily the same for US-to-Mexico shipments. In either case, the transloading will always take place in the US.

What does through-trailer mean?

Through-trailer is a more direct method of shipping. Rather than transferring goods between vehicle types, they are loaded on the same trailer or container for the entire journey. This is more common for journeys that don’t need to travel overseas, for example, from Mexico to the US or within Mainland Europe.

This is a much more streamlined shipping option that doesn’t require the transfer of goods and avoids the need for goods to be stored in a warehouse during the journey. This means fewer interruptions, though there may be a driver change when crossing the border. It’s also important to note that choosing through-trailer shipping doesn’t mean the shipment will remain unopened during transit. The freight will still be subject to customs inspection when it moves across the border.

Which should you choose for Mexico trucking cross-border freight?

The choice between transloading and through-trailer shipping depends on your specific shipping needs. Each option offers a range of benefits, but you need to weigh up the needs of your shipment to help ensure you choose the right shipping method. 

Key factors to consider when choosing between transloading and through-trailer for Mexico cross-border freight include:

  • Budget - Transloading can be more cost-efficient because you can choose the lowest-cost and most efficient options for each leg of the journey. 
  • Specialist items - If you have goods that need to be handled in a specific manner, you may want to use the through-trailer method, as your goods will be handled less and delivered on the same equipment that it was picked up on.
  • Value and sensitivity - If your goods are particularly valuable or fragile, you may be better off choosing through-trailer shipping. This reduces the amount of handling your goods will go through during their journey, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Speed - Through-trailer is usually faster, though delays through transloading are usually limited to hours rather than days.

Work with cross-border shipping professionals

Plenty of factors go into choosing between transloading and through-trailer for cross-border shipping. If you’re feeling a little confused about which is best for your business, DTS is here to help. Contact us today to get help and work with an experienced cross-border shipping company — we can help you make the right choice for your company and your cargo.

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