International Air Cargo Insurance: What You Need To Know

International Air Cargo Insurance: What You Need To Know

When you transport your products internationally, it’s best to protect your investments with air cargo insurance. Though shipping by plane is one of the safest methods of transportation, many businesses still acquire insurance to protect their finances and investments.

Before you purchase this type of insurance for your business, here’s what you need about air cargo insurance.

What Is Air Cargo Insurance?

Air cargo insurance is a policy that protects a buyer or seller of goods from financial loss resulting from shipment damage or loss.

The best way to learn more about your policy is to speak with your third-party logistics or insurance provider. These professionals can explain your current policy and what it covers. They can also help you add or remove coverage options, allowing you to customize your policy for your business.

Factors That Affect Air Cargo Insurance

One other thing you need to know about air cargo insurance is the factors that can affect your insurance policy. These factors include the type of products you ship, the size of your business, the amount of coverage you require, additional insurance you may need to purchase, and more. The amount of coverage also varies depending on your insurance policy and your business.

Benefits of DTS Air Cargo Services

When you obtain international air cargo services from Diversified Transportation Services, you’ll receive a multitude of benefits. You’ll receive fast shipping times, excellent customer service, increased customer satisfaction rates, and more. Navigating air cargo insurance is a challenging job, so if you have any questions about our air cargo services or your insurance policy, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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