Industries That Can Benefit From Third-Party Logistics

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Industries That Can Benefit From Third-Party Logistics

When you are looking for a professional and reliable shipping logistics company, consider your industry. What kind of products are you shipping? Do your products have any special needs or regulations? The good news is that just about every industry can use a reliable shipping partner. Whether you are shipping a small shipment once a week or thousands of pounds a day you, deserve a logistics partner that will treat your cargo with white gloves. The industries that can benefit from third-party logistics companies are numerous. They make laptops, lipsticks, lifesaving medications, and need to get those products to the marketplace. Here are a few of the industries that Diversified Transportation Services proudly serves.

Electronics Manufacturers and Distributors

Computers, tablets, monitors, televisions, and every kind of electronic device under the sun all require special attention during shipping. First, they are very expensive devices that retail for top dollar in stores around the world, making them prime targets for theft. Electronics manufacturers need to know that their products arrive to destinations intact. Thieves typically target items that are easy to grab and easy to sell, and electronics fit the bill. The second issue in shipping electronics is the elements, as don’t do well when exposed to extreme temperature or water. A reliable third-party logistics company will ship the products in a clean, dry trailer and monitor the progress of the shipment to make sure it arrives safely.

Cosmetics Makers

Like so many other things, cosmetics need special care and handling when in transit on the back of a truck. They come in glass containers, tend to be small, and can break if not handled with care. Cosmetics tend to be temperature-sensitive and require special handling and consistent movement. The cosmetics industry prefers temperature-controlled trailers when shipping their products to protect them from melting which could render the products useless. Cosmetics – either in a raw material form or as finished goods – also have a high-value and are the frequent target of thieves. The security of shipments is very important in an industry that makes small products with a high dollar value.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Few industries have a stricter set of regulations than pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical industry has created a very stringent set of rules and regulations that dictate every aspect of a business. Pharma companies must also deal with the FDA and its separate regulations. Such stringent standards can mean disposing of millions of dollars of products if a comma is missed or a rule isn’t followed. The regulations also extend to the shipping and handling of the products. Experienced shipping companies must know how to handle the paperwork, keep organized records, and fill out forms properly when shipping such sensitive cargo.

Trade Show Transportation

The trade show industry is a hectic one. A massive trade show can be set up and torn down in a 2 million square-foot convention center in the span of a week. That level of construction and coordination takes precise timing and organization to pull off. When delivering booths and equipment for a trade, show the trucking company must have all the necessary appointments made and keep them. Deliveries to a convention center are strictly controlled to make sure everyone gets in and out in a reasonable amount of time. If a docking appointment is missed, then you might be out of luck. It’s important to have a logistics company that knows the ins and outs of the trade show scene, as the company has the experience to help you out and guide you through the whole process. You just need to worry about the show and closing business deals.

Large and Small Retailers

Competition and the need for profitability are constant concerns in the retail industry. As such, it’s an industry that can greatly benefit from third-party logistics. With so many retailers selling the same products, competition is fierce and there is no room for errors. Massive box store retailers manage their deliveries closely and won’t allow a delivery to be made even a minute before a scheduled drop. They have the buying power to dictate such stringent terms. However, smaller scale online retailers still need to ship products to customers quickly and at a low cost. Retailers sell products from charcoal grills to razor blades, and they all have the same expectation of safety and efficiency when shipping their products.

Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

When it comes to shipping industrial machinery, there is no standard size. These machines that build other machines can range from the size of a refrigerator to a massive size. Their size is dictated by the work that the machine performs. One commonality which industrial machines don’t share with regular machines is their weight, as industrial machines tend to on the heavier side. Forklifts and flatbed trucks are the preferred tools for getting something so big and so heavy across the country. Securing such a large, heavy machine is very important. If something so large were to come loose during transit, it could do a lot of damage to the road and other surrounding drivers. An experienced transportation company will have the necessary chains, straps, and experience to secure such a heavy machine.

Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

The restaurant industry is another one that has special needs for getting their supplies and equipment. Restaurant equipment like ovens, prep tables, chairs, and grills are all large and heavy. They can’t be transported by pickup truck across town. Food supplies being delivered to restaurants also have temperature considerations to consider. Frozen foods and fresh foods need the proper refrigeration to keep them at the right temperature. Fresh foods that aren’t kept cool during delivery can start to spoil and lead to food borne illnesses in anyone that eats it. The same goes for frozen food. They are frozen for a reason and must stay that way until they are ready for preparation and cooking. Refrigerated trailers are the best way to get food to the restaurants safely and quickly.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is a highly technical one, filled with expensive components and raw materials. All those parts come together in a ballet of engineering and building that keeps our skies filled with airplanes. Many of the raw materials like high-value metals need to be handled properly and moved quickly. When it comes to global aerospace logistics, the smallest shipment may hold back a production line worth thousands of dollars. There is no way to determine which shipment is the most important, so a reliable shipper is needed to keep production moving forward.

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