Improvements in the Trucking Industry

Improvements in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has always been a work in progress. There are constantly new and better ways to keep this industry moving and to make experiences better for drivers and customers. Faster and more informed deliveries, as well as better working conditions for drivers, all play a part in this improvement. There are also technological and financial aspects that are on the rise as well.

The industry works much like a living and growing organism, changing to meet the times while making continuous adjustments to gas prices and other economic changes. It is far from perfect, but work is always being done to make it better.

Below are some examples of improvements that can be expected:

A Growth in Cargo

An important part of maintaining the trucking industry is to make sure that shipments and cargo don't decline. Like any other business, it's good to see business growth. Fortunately, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the amount of cargo shipped will continue to grow, reaching 18.79 billion tons by 2040. That's over 3 billion tons more than what was shipped in 2013. This is good news because it means the industry continues to flourish and the number of fleets seems to be flourishing along with it.

A Rise in Fleets and Jobs

As the amount of cargo being shipped grows, the number of trucking jobs available should grow as well. To keep up with the number of shipments going out, more fleets and more drivers are going to be needed. This is exactly what is happening, with thousands more trucking jobs becoming available by the year. More and more fleets are being formed as well. This is great news for people who are looking for work and willing to learn to drive a truck. From truckload freight to specialty freight services, there is a wide range of trucking industries that need help.

Increased Safety Awareness

Another great improvement in the trucking world is that awareness of truck safety is increasing. From less-than-truckload freight services to expedited freight companies, everyone is becoming more aware of how to stay safe on the road. With the help of better technology, training, and understanding, it's becoming easier for semis to drive with caution. There is even a push to allow more flexibility in the way that truckers can use their off-hours so that they don't get as fatigued while driving.

Better Technology

Technology is a huge part of modern trucking. Whether it's truckload freight or a tradeshow shipment, keeping customers informed and being able to efficiently track things like traffic is very important. Good communication and predicting delays before they happen create a better relationship between shipping companies and their customers, as well as the businesses that ship to one another. Trucking technology continues to change and improve over time, allowing for more enhanced tracking, communication, and driver monitoring.

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