How To Avoid Freight Detention Charges in Truckload Shipping

How To Avoid Freight Detention Charges in Truckload Shipping

One of the surefire ways to run up the cost of shipping is getting tagged with freight detention charges. These are a leading cause of shipping fees and result from taking longer than the allotted time for loading and unloading the truck. There are many ways to prepare your team for staying within the time.

Here are some tips for how to avoid freight detention charges in truckload shipping:

Experienced Team

The most important thing you can do within your warehouse or dock is to have a dependable crew by your side. Create a plan with your team to help ensure everybody is comfortable and prepared for their role. You’ll also want to keep staffing levels high enough to allow for time off, both expected and unexpected, and other disruptions that impact day-to-day operations.

Maintain Equipment

Keeping your equipment running is an essential part of running a warehouse. Tools that are vital to your operations, such as your forklifts, should go through an inspection process and receive regular service to prevent breakdowns. Your team should be aware of any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements before each shipment to help ensure adequate preparations can occur before the clock starts ticking on a freight detention charge. Maintaining proper safety equipment must be a priority for every warehouse to keep employees safe.

Extended Warehouse Hours

For many truck drivers, sudden delays are the most challenging part of their job. You can strengthen your carrier relationship by accommodating driver delays and getting them back on the road quickly. This quick turnaround provides more flexibility to the driver and allows you to have the proper staff on hand to manage the driver’s request. And in a world of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine,” this can pay dividends if your team is ever behind and the driver decides to ignore the charge instead.

Have Paperwork Prepared

Paperwork can create headaches during every step of the shipping process. One of the best tips for how to avoid freight detention charges in truckload shipping is to have your paperwork prepared in advance and ready to ship. These documents often include invoices, customs paperwork, and hazardous item information. Having these documents ready to go before the driver arrives helps get them back on the road sooner.

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