How Much Faster Is Air Freight Compared to Ocean Freight?

How Much Faster Is Air Freight Compared to Ocean Freight?

Speed is one of the most important details to optimize when shipping items. Sometimes, a customer or client won’t mind waiting a while, but others need their product as soon as possible. You can use various vehicles, such as boats, planes, and trucks, to carry items swiftly.

So how much faster is air freight compared to ocean freight? Below, we’ll summarize how the pace of these two options vary, and how you can always establish efficient shipping plans for your products. In doing so, you can forge strong relationships with your clients through reliable, stress-free delivery experiences.

Air vs. Ocean

The best method for shipping items depends on many factors, such as the available cargo space and the intended delivery date. The delivery date is particularly relevant because it’s a commitment to the customer or client that they will get their items within a specified time, which gives them peace of mind and a greater sense of transparency.

Although various issues can cause delays, people widely consider air freight as the quicker option over ocean freight. Of course, ocean freight is efficient in the right circumstances, but priority shipments that need delivery as soon as possible are typically better off moving by air.

Finding Efficient Solutions

How much faster is air freight compared to ocean freight? As you now know, the answer is fairly straightforward, but efficient delivery also relies on the professionals helming the project every step of the way. For instance, teaming up with reliable 3PL specialists will help you find efficient solutions for every shipment, whether you need to send items by air or sea.

Air Freight Variations

Air freight isn’t just one type of shipping service. At DTS, our international air freight services include standard service, expedited/next-flight out, and more. These logistical solutions allow us to find efficient delivery paths for your shipments. If you can find an efficient 3PL, then you can expect their productivity to influence your shipments too. Speak with us today to discuss the best shipping solutions for your products.

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