How Freight Forwarders Make Importing Easier

How Freight Forwarders Make Importing Easier

Importing cargo is a complex process, which is why many businesses partner with reliable 3PLs and freight forwarders to streamline their processes. 3PLs and freight forwarders work together to help businesses make their logistics processes and systems faster and more efficient. At Diversified Transportation Services, many of our clients rely on our international freight forwarding services to transport their shipments quickly to their global destinations. As a 3PL, it is our responsibility to work with our reliable freight forwarders to help ensure that your logistics systems and processes run smoothly and correctly.

Here are a few more ways that 3PLs and freight forwards make importing easier for your business:

1. Offer Logistics Experience

In the logistics industry, experience is essential for success. 3PLs and freight forwarders have plenty of experience managing and transporting imports, and they offer the knowledge that they gain from their experiences to their clients. Through the ups and downs of the industry, your 3PL and freight forwarders will know how to navigate the changes and help ensure that your imports reach their final destinations.

2. Understand Legal Regulations

There are numerous government rules and regulations for imports, especially in the United States. Navigating legal challenges on your own can be challenging, especially since government regulations change constantly. In a world of rules and regulations that are constantly changing, your 3PLs and freight forwarders can assist you with all the latest transportation rules for your imports so that you don’t have to.

3. Reduce Costs

Importing your products requires money. Sometimes, the best way to lower your costs is to work with 3PLs and freight forwarders who know how to lower your transportation expenses. By streamlining your processes, 3PLs and freight forwarders can help you receive the best rates for your imports. Additionally, 3PLs usually have an extensive network of freight forwarders to help ensure that you receive all the best deals for your transportation services.

4. Save Time and Effort

Importing your cargo takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of spending your own time and effort trying to figure out how to transport your cargo, partner with 3PLs and freight forwarders. Outsourcing your logistics and transportation allows you to focus on solving other more pressing challenges for your business. Partnering with 3PLs and freight forwarders for your imports also gives you the ability to focus on growing your business rather than navigating the logistics industry.

5. Improve Efficiency

Maybe you already know how to import your products successfully. But do you know how to make your transportation processes and systems more efficient? In order to keep up with the growth of your business, you need to streamline your transportation processes regularly. If you do not update your logistics and shipping processes, you will not be able to support the growth of your company and keep your high customer satisfaction ratings. With 3PLs and freight forwarders on your side, you can update your importing procedures to support the future success and growth of your business.

6. Up-To-Date Software

Logistics software and technology are essential to import your products successfully and efficiently. If you still use outdated technology, you may not be able to transport imports as quickly and efficiently as you could with the latest software. 3PLs and freight forwarders use up-to-date software and technology to help you manage the movement of your imports wherever they need to go.

7. Follow Shipping Requirements

One of the ways that freight forwarders help you transport cargo and make importing easier for your business is by assisting you with all shipping and packing requirements. Depending on your cargo, you might need to follow specific shipping and packing requirements. For example, if you plan to ship perishable items, then the packaging and shipping requirements will be different than the ones that you would use for non-perishable items. Your 3PL and freight forwarder can help you follow shipping and packing requirements.

8. Automate Systems

Automation is one of the best ways to lower your transportation costs and make your processes more efficient. 3PLs and freight forwarders automate many of their systems, allowing you to save money and import your products efficiently. In fact, many experts in the logistics industry often state that automation is the future of the logistics industry and that it will save significant amounts of time, effort, and money. 3PLs and freight forwarders already automate their processes and systems, so when you partner with them, you’ll receive these benefits for your business.

9. Communicate Consistently

In business, clear communication is the key to success. When you partner with a reliable 3PL and freight forwarder, you’ll have access to many tracking tools and a Quality Assurance Team to help assist you with the location of your imports. And if you ever have any questions or need to expedite a shipment, all you need to do is reach out. Your 3PL and freight forwarder will be happy to help you solve your transportation issues by providing long-term solutions. And if your current 3PL and freight forwarder don’t communicate on a regular basis or don’t provide status updates on your imports, it’s time to call Diversified Transportation Services. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality customer service and consistent communication for our clients.

10. Gain Long-Lasting Partnerships

The logistics and transportation industry changes constantly. To continue to import your products successfully, team up with your 3PL and freight forwarder. You gain long-lasting partnerships with reliable companies that will help your businesses through all the challenges and changes in the transportation industry. These partnerships are valuable and can steer your business toward significant future growth. After all, your business relies on your imports for its success, so it’s crucial to help ensure that they arrive in a timely manner. You can count on your 3PL and freight forwarder to manage and transport your shipments quickly and efficiently for many years.

To work with some of the best freight forwarders and receive extremely competitive rates, reach out us at Diversified Transportation Services. We partner with several freight forwarders, providing our customers with multiple carrier options, competitive prices, and concierge customer service. Whether you are a large or small business, we would be happy to play a part in your business’ success and take your growth to new heights.

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