Dimensional Weights' Impact on LTL Freight Shipping Prices

LTL Freight Shipping
Dimensional Weights' Impact on LTL Freight Shipping Prices

There are many factors that can impact the cost of your LTL freight shipping. From the speed of delivery to the total distance that the package must go, changing the slightest variable can have a huge impact on price. One of these variables is the total weight of the package, but due to weight discrepancies between package sizes, this can often lead to prices that are unfair to both the carrier and the customer. That is why the concept of dimensional weights was created.

Here is an introduction to the topic, along with an explanation of how dimensional weights affect LTL shipping prices:

What is Dimensional Weight in LTL Freight Shipping?

The concept of dimensional weight is simple—when calculating weight, the actual size of the package should play a part. This is because all larger packages inherently take up more space, even if some weigh significantly less than others. Dimensional weight aims to correct the previous lack of consideration for how much space a freight shipment will take up and how that will affect cost calculations.

  • Calculating the Weight

While different calculations depend on your choice of carrier, almost everyone uses the same general idea to come up with the dimensional weight. You start by multiplying the width, length, and height of a shipment, then divide it by the carrier’s dimensional factor, also referred to as a DIM divisor. This will give you the dimensional weight, which the LTL transportation companies can then use instead of weight to calculate the cost.

  • Impact on Price

So, what does all of this have to do with the price? If the dimensional weight is the greater of the two values, it will be used in place of the actual weight to calculate how much it will cost to ship your freight. Because of this, it is in your best interest to keep unnecessary packaging to a minimum. This way, your less-than-truckload shipment takes up less space, which could reduce your shipping cost.

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