Helpful Freight Shipping Tips For Every Trade Show You Attend This Year

Helpful Freight Shipping Tips For Every Trade Show You Attend This Year

Trade shows are a wonderful way for corporations all over the country to showcase their products and services. In fact, up to 80% of marketers believe that live events like trade shows are critical to a company's success.

While trade shows can be incredibly beneficial for a company, they don’t go smoothly without a little effort on your end. Here are some tips to help you nail your trade show freight shipping every time.

Trade Show Freight Shipping Tips

Preparing Your Shipment

When you’re preparing your freight to hit the road, always remember to stack the heaviest items on the bottom of the pallet. All lighting, electronics, and other delicate items should be packaged individually and labeled appropriately. This will help ensure that your freight is protected during travel. It will also make sure you can find your freight quickly and set up for the trade show on time.

The Exhibitor Manual

When you’re getting ready for your trade show, you’re probably doing a lot of planning. When doing so, be sure to read the exhibitor manual. This guide will outline for you the following information:

  • The shipping dates and deadlines for the trade show
  • The drop-off location at the event
  • All labeling requirements for your freight

Minimizing Shipping Costs

Finally, if you want to minimize shipping costs, there are two factors you want to keep in mind: weight and dimension. Scaling back on either dimensions or the weight of your freight can help you save 50% or more on shipping costs. Do your best to package correctly and weigh everything as accurately as possible. If you still have large amounts of either factor, try to think of items that are not completely necessary for your trade show exhibit and leave those behind.

Trade shows can help push your company towards success, but not without a little help from you. Follow these tips to make sure your trade show shipping goes off without a hitch.

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