FTL Shipping: What is Drop and Hook Trucking?

FTL Shipping: What is Drop and Hook Trucking? | DTS
FTL Shipping: What is Drop and Hook Trucking?

Everything you need to know about drop and hook trucking

Full truckload (FTL) shipping, specifically drop and hook trucking, is a popular solution offering many benefits. Shipping cargo efficiently and affordably is critical for any business. Additionally, drop and hook trucking streamline logistics operations, minimizing loading and unloading times, and reducing overall transit times for shipments.

This post will explore what drop and hook shipping involves and why it’s worth considering. 

What is drop and hook trucking in FTL shipping?

Drop and hook is a form of full truckload (FTL) shipping. FTL shipping refers to using a whole truck to ship your goods or having enough freight to fill an entire truck (usually covering ten or more pallets). 

With drop and hook (also known as “drop trailer” or “no-touch freight”) shipping, a driver delivers a full trailer (or, in some cases, an empty one) and then hooks their tractor (truck cab) to another full trailer at the same location. 

Drop and hook shipping removes the need for drivers to wait while their trailer is loaded and unloaded. That makes for faster shipping overall. 

Companies often use FTL shipping when working to tight deadlines since drivers won’t need to make multiple stops. If time is less of an issue and shippers have smaller shipments, businesses can opt for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping instead.

How does drop and hook full truckload (FTL) shipping differ from live load trucking?

During a live load, a truck driver waits for their trailer to be loaded or unloaded at the loading dock. That can lead to longer waiting times for truck drivers. Trucking companies usually provide 2 hours of free wait time, but after that, they start charging for detention.

Benefits of drop and hook FTL Shipping

Drop and hook FTL shipping offers several benefits, including:

Increase efficiency

Efficiency is crucial when shipping goods domestically or internationally. The drop trailer approach makes shipping smoother and less time-consuming. 

Reduce driver wait times

If you choose live-load shipping, truck drivers will need to wait while their trailers are loaded and unloaded at loading docks. This can be frustrating for drivers who want to hit the road again as soon as possible and may slow your shipping. 

Effective for high-volume shipping

FTL shipping is a great option to ship goods in high volumes. Choosing FTL transport means the entire truck or trailer is dedicated to your items only, so truck drivers won’t need to stop multiple times in their journey for multiple businesses’ cargo. Drop and hook shipping further speeds up the process by eliminating loading and unloading times.

No contact with cargo

With drop trailer shipping, truck drivers deliver goods without coming into contact with any of their cargo, making for a more efficient and secure process.

More affordable shipping

Companies using drop and hook shipping don’t need to pay truck drivers a waiting fee (covering the time they spend waiting for cargo to be unloaded). Businesses that want to avoid unnecessary costs may find FTL transport the best option. 

Reasons to use drop and hook shipping

Here are some of the main reasons for using drop and hook FTL shipping.

Ship loose, floor-loaded items efficiently

Items that are small and easy to maneuver are often loaded directly onto the floor of a trailer or truck without using pallets. Loose items can take longer to load and unload than a pallet shipment. By choosing drop trailer shipping, you don’t have to worry about the longer live loading times for loose, floor-loaded items.

Deal with backed-up loads in warehouses

Shipping backlogs are a common issue in warehouses and distribution centers. Whether that’s due to staffing problems or too many packages, backups can reduce efficiency. Drop and hook is a good option in these situations because it bypasses busy warehouses entirely. 

Take advantage of abundant parking spaces at warehouses

Many warehouses and distribution centers have lots of room for docking. That allows them to welcome more trucks and trailers, even when they may not have a huge workforce. Drop trailer shipping allows these facilities to handle more shipments and make the most of their space available. 

Shipping in large quantities

Businesses regularly shipping large amounts of goods need an efficient process to manage their deliveries and avoid supply-chain issues. Drop and hook FTL shipping lets you stay on track with your busy shipping schedule.

Learn more about full truckload (FTL) shipping and its freight rates

FTL drop and hook shipping can make for faster, smoother, and more cost-effective deliveries. If your business ships goods in high volumes and with tight time constraints, drop trailer transport could be the right method for you.  
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