5 Freight Shipping Acronyms All Businesses Should Know

5 Freight Shipping Acronyms All Businesses Should Know

Freight shipping can be complex at first, but business owners can learn the ropes to keep communication clear between themselves and the team shipping their products. Learning the industry language helps business owners capture that clear communication.

If you want to begin today, read these common freight shipping acronyms all businesses should know.


This is a cargo situation in which one shipment stays on one truck during its entire shipping journey; TL stands for “full truckload.” This scenario is best for shipments that will fill an entire truck, unlike other transportation options where your smaller shipment may pair with others to fill the vehicle’s cargo space.


A 3PL is a type of service provider. More specifically, this acronym directly translates to “third-party logistics.” In the freight shipping industry, a third-party logistics service helps companies fulfill their shipments so that the company needing shipping assistance does not have to do it themselves.

Instead, they can find a 3PL that can get the job done reliably. For instance, our shipping and logistics services assist in various ways, including completing international exports from the U.S. and imports to the U.S. through a wide selection of logistical solutions.


FAK is a standard acronym in the industry meaning “freight all kinds.” This is a pricing term in the LTL shipping world that groups classes of freight into a given freight class. This allows the shipper to ship many products of different classes at the negotiated freight class.


This is one of the most common acronyms because it ensures clear communication between shippers and carriers. The BOL, or bill of lading, is the official legal contract between any carrier or shipper. The BOL typically details dates, names, addresses, and other details associated with the designated shipment.


This is one of the top freight shipping acronyms all businesses should know because it represents a critical step in shipment transportation. POD often translates to “proof of delivery.” As you may suspect, this refers to paperwork detailing and acknowledging the shipment’s delivery.

Now that you know five of the essential freight shipping acronyms, you can continue expanding your knowledge of the industry today.

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