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Shipping might not be the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the art world, but this essential service helps to ensure fine art gets safely from point A to point B. Whether shipping paintings to a gallery, sending sculptures to a museum, or prepping pieces for international buyers, knowing how fine art shipping works will make the whole process seamless.

We’ve put together handy guides covering everything you need to know about fine art shipping — from packing tips to choosing the right art shipping company to the finer details of international art shipping regulations.

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Fine art shipping packing tips: How to pack sculptures and more

When shipping sculptures, paintings, and other types of fine art, it’s essential to get the packaging right. You want to ensure whatever you’re shipping arrives safely and in the expected condition. However, different types of artwork require different packing methods.

We’ve compiled some great tips for packing different types of fine art for shipping, including essential supplies, techniques, and other packing considerations.

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What you need to know about fine art import fees

Importing fine art from another country is exciting, but getting hit by hefty import fees can put a damper on things. Knowing how import fees work for your country is essential when preparing to import artwork.

Learn more about importing art to the USA, Canada, the EU, and the UK — including each country’s fees and regulations.

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Choosing the right art shipping company: tips for collectors

Collectors want to ensure the beautiful artwork they acquire for their homes, offices, or galleries is in good hands during shipping. That’s why finding the right fine art shipping company is essential. But how do you choose the right one to transport your investment safely?

Read our tips and advice for choosing the right fine art shipping company for your collection.

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Shipping art internationally: customs, regulations, and documentation

Fine art shipping is already a delicate balance — you want the best possible protection for valuable pieces at a reasonable price. Adding international shipping to the mix makes everything just a little bit more complicated. Knowing how to navigate customs, regulations, and documentation for different countries can make everything easier.

Here’s what you need to know about international art shipping customs requirements, regulations, and standard paperwork.

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Shipping artwork cost-saving tips

Pieces of fine art are works of beauty with sentimental and emotional value on top of their price tags. Protecting these pieces effectively during shipping can quickly get expensive. However, there are things you can do to save some money while helping to ensure artwork arrives safely at its destination.

From knowing your shipping options to choosing the right supplies to insurance and customs fees, this list has great tips for shipping fine art on a budget.

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