Choosing the Right Art Shipping Company: Tips for Collectors

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Choosing the Right Art Shipping Company: Tips for Collectors

As a collector passionate about beautiful art, you know that shipping pieces of any size, shape, and material can be complicated. You want peace of mind that your art is in good hands throughout its journey to your home, office, or gallery. Working with a trustworthy fine art shipping company to manage the transport of your investment safely is essential, but how do you choose one in the first place?

Here are some simple, effective tips for picking the best fine art shipping company. 

How art collectors can choose the right fine art shipping company

Here are the essential steps you need to take to find an art logistics team you can depend on. 

Do your research

A little research goes a long way when weighing your options. You may find a wide range of artwork shipping companies online, but not all will suit your needs, budget, and expectations. 

Search for fine art logistics businesses that ship to your area (or from wherever your pieces are coming.) You’ll want to determine the level of service you can expect from any art transporters that appeal to you. 

Start by checking reviews written by other customers and exploring their websites. Reputable art shipping company sites should be comprehensive, with information on their solutions, testimonials, updated contact details, and other essentials.

Ask around

One of the simplest ways to narrow down your choices is to speak to other people in the know. 

Ask fellow collectors, galleries, and artists about their preferred art transporters. They should be able to give you honest recommendations and explain what you can expect. You should still research any recommended fine art shipping companies that your contacts suggest, but first-hand accounts will help you make a more informed decision. 

Know the details of your artwork

Before you start contacting artwork shipping companies, gather essential details on the piece or pieces you want to transport. These include the type of art (e.g., painting, sculpture), its dimensions, and its weight. You can also get advice from the artist or supplier about transporting the piece. 

The more you know about your art, the easier it should be to find a fine art shipping company to transport it safely. Cross-check these details against the services offered by your list of artwork shipping companies. 

For example, do they handle canvases larger than 5’ by 5’, or do they only specialize in small artwork? Check their websites carefully to get as much information on their process as possible. 

Ask for estimates from the art shipping company

Once you have a shortlist of options, it’s time to reach out and gather estimates. Businesses should happily provide a quote for transporting one or more pieces, provided they can accommodate your needs. 

You may be tempted to leap at the lowest estimate purely to cut costs, especially if you have multiple pieces coming from different locations within a short period. However, opting for the cheapest option may not be the best decision if the company appears to be cutting corners or underestimating the value of your artwork. 

Ask questions

Consider your estimates carefully before you choose an art shipping company, and follow up with your favorites to discuss their process in detail. 

Ask any questions you have about their approach to packing and transporting artwork. Reputable companies will take the time to answer your questions and set your mind at ease. 

It’s also a great idea to ask about the following:

  • Insurance
  • Import/export regulations
  • Climate control
  • Tracking
  • Their experience with fine art logistics

If you’re unclear on any of these elements, asking for further information can make choosing your art shipping company easier.

Finally, refer to the information you have on these companies and ensure you’re happy to pay the estimated rate for the service provided. 

Looking for a fine art shipping company for your collection?

Finding the right fine art shipping company to manage the transport of your pieces safely and securely is crucial. However, the selection process can be daunting, which is why so many collectors choose DTS for trustworthy art shipping. 

We offer a comprehensive range of worry-free fine art shipping solutions for domestic and international transportation. We’ve collaborated with art collectors, galleries, museums, art dealers, auction houses, sculpture shippers, and more for simple, seamless fine art shipping.

Get in touch to learn more — our professional team is always happy to answer any questions about shipping your collection. 

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