Everything To Know About Freight Shipping Detention Charges

Everything To Know About Freight Shipping Detention Charges
Everything To Know About Freight Shipping Detention Charges

Finding the best freight shipping plan for any delivery requires more than the right vehicles. Understanding the policies and potential extra fees involved is essential to putting together the perfect plan. Suffice it to say that it can be frustrating to see unforeseen charges that you don’t understand. Let’s help you gain more context so you can plan shipments accordingly. Refer to our guide below to find everything to know about freight shipping detention charges.

Introduction to Free Time

When a company scheduling shipments signs a contract allowing for the use of shipping containers, this contract outlines the available free time. In this context, “free time” refers to the specified time in which a shipper, such as a freight forwarder, is allowed to use the container, which has a designated end date. So, what happens when the container isn’t successfully returned to the owner on time? This is where the titular detention charges come into play.

Defining Detention Charges

A detention charge is a fee that a company charges when a freight forwarder or another shipping service neglects to return any borrowed container within the free time allotted by the contract. This isn’t a one-time charge; the charges will accrue every day that the container remains borrowed. Although these charges may sound daunting, all it takes is returning the containers on time to avoid such fees.

Avoiding Detention Charges

Learning everything to know about freight shipping detention charges becomes even easier when working with a reliable 3PL. As the specialists overseeing the shipping process, your 3PL should be able to help you find the most efficient ways to transport items. For example, at Diversified Transportation Services, we offer international freight forwarding services. Although we are not freight forwarders, we partner with reliable freight forwarders to ensure efficient transportation both internationally and domestically.

Many issues can occur during a shipment’s journey that can cause delays, such as a transportation vehicle breaking down. That said, getting containers back where they belong primarily comes down to logistics. To avoid detention charges affecting your shipments, work with a professional 3PL to find the best path for any shipment you need to deliver.

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