ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) Are Already Creating Truckload Capacity Issues - Top Items to Consider When Scheduling Truckload Moves

ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) Are Already Creating Truckload Capacity Issues - Top Items to Consider When Scheduling Truckload Moves

With the implementation of the ELDs this December, 2017, the industry has already seen a contraction in available trucks as well as the rates for those trucks being higher than the norm in certain lanes.

We have seen many carriers shy away from contractual rates for dedicated lanes until the carriers can truly perform the analytics as to how the ELD mandate will affect their business. In the past some carriers may have stretched the limitations of their driver's time lines when they were very close to the delivery location.  

With the ELD once the driver is out of legal driving hours, he is out of hours and must stop driving, thus creating added expense to the driver - carrier that will ultimately end up in higher rates for everyone moving goods through their supply chain.  

Top items to consider when scheduling Truckload Transportation

Advise your logistics provider such as Diversified Transportation Services of your desired, expected or MUST deliver time line so that there is no misunderstanding.

Create the level of expectation that you articulate to the logistics provider or carrier for the delivery. (more often than not we see that shippers think it is a 2-day point when in reality it may be a 3-day point)

Obtain the rate with the realistic timeline for delivery so everyone is on the same page.  

Find out if the truck moving your goods is a single driver or a team.  Teams always deliver faster and may need to be used on those runs that MUST have the freight delivered next day.  

Team drivers cost more, but the timeline for delivery is much more defined than a single driver would be since they may run out of legal driving hours. 

Find out the cost in writing, with detention time and any delay times noted in advance. 

The costs will rise for our entire industry due to the ELDs.  Provided everyone is on the same page with the level of expectation that they need from their 3PLs, carriers, and supply chain partners, our industry will continue to meet the needs that everyone has come to rely on.  



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