4 Ways To Reduce Freight Shipping Costs

4 Ways To Reduce Freight Shipping Costs

It’s no secret that both domestic and international shipping can be expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for your business to lower shipping costs and save resources.

To help your business increase its savings, consider using these effective ways to reduce freight shipping costs.

1. Implement a Consolidation Strategy

If your business tends to transport small shipments on a regular basis, implement a consolidation strategy to save time and resources. All you need to do for this strategy is consolidate smaller shipments into larger shipments. These larger shipments will not cost as much as sending many smaller shipments, so you’ll lower your shipping costs significantly.

2. Develop Relationships With Carriers

Developing positive, long-term relationships with your business’s carriers is another one of the effective way to reduce freight shipping costs. When you develop a long-term relationship with a carrier, the shipping carrier will be able to find the most effective and efficient ways to ship your products. Additionally, if your shipping carriers become busy, they are more likely to help ensure that your products reach their destinations quickly since you are a valued, long-term customer.

3. Ship Off-Peak When Possible

Some days of the week are busier for shipping companies than others. When you ship off-peak, you ship on the days that the carriers are not as busy as usual. Usually, it’s much cheaper to ship off-peak since shipping companies tend to charge higher prices on their busy days.

4. Use an Effective Method of Transportation

Finally, one of the best ways to reduce your shipping costs is to choose the best method of transportation for your business. If you ship strong, sturdy products, then you could consider shipping by boat instead of by plane. Shipping by plane is significantly more expensive than shipping by boat, but it is also much safer. You’ll need to consider many factors in order to choose the best method of transportation for your business, such as your types of products, arrival times, budgets, packaging, and more. If you don’t want to focus on shipping, you can always obtain freight transportation services from us at Diversified Transportation Services.

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