Diversified Transportation Services Exhibiting At International Baking Industry Exposition

Diversified Transportation Services Exhibiting At International Baking Industry Exposition


Due to popular request Diversified Transportation Services will be exhibiting at the IBIE – International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 8-11, 2016.

As a premium provider of logistics in the United States and Canada for LTL, Expedited, and challenging deliveries within the Bakery vertical, we have become the top choice when it comes to providing quality transport from beginning to end.

We have provided the logistical needs for virtually every type of bakery vertical item imaginable. Mixers, Donut lines, lifters fryers, roll lines, bread lines, pizza ovens, dough sheeters, industrial production lines, feeding solutions, croissant machines, make-up lines, or sheeting and cutting machines are some of the items our customers have successfully received with our services.

We fully understand the bakery vertical when it comes to logistics, as one of our managers, Josh Mintz, has owned pizza restaurants in the past. His personal knowledge, over 15 years ago, led him into the logistics vertical and solidified his expertise in working to create a process that minimizes the headaches that many companies experience. Most bakery - pizza type receivers don’t have the detailed knowledge regarding the pre-appointments, forklifts that may be necessary for larger items, door clearances, receiving coordination time frames, and a host of many other challenges.

At Diversified Transportation Services, we get involved and work to ensure that the receiving experience is a pleasant one with the proper level of expectation. By working with the shippers to understand any special needs and communicating with consignees ahead of time, we can overcome any obstacle that is put in our way in order to achieve the success of a safe on time delivery.

Our long history has given us the knowledge when it comes to choosing the correct mode of transport and the best carrier option. While we understand price is of a main concern, getting the goods delivered timely, claim free, and headache free is what we bring to the table. Put your confidence and trust in our 26 years of logistics experience and satisfaction as well as our 15 years of working in the Bakery Logistics vertical.

You can read more information on our Restaurant Equipment and Supplies page.

If you would like to see us at the show visit us at our Booth # 523 or email us for an appointment.

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Jacob Meskin
Tradeshow Manager
jacobm@dtsone.com 310-521-1200 xt. 142
Michael Doyle
VP of Sales and Marketing
mdoyle@dtsone.com 310-521-1200 xt. 170
Josh Mintz
Branch Manager
jmintz007@dtsone.com 310-521-1200 xt. 302
Michael Meskin
michael@dtsone.com 310-521-1200 xt. 124

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