Considerations for Truckload Logistics Companies

Considerations for Truckload Logistics Companies

Even as technology advances, companies will be reliant on trucks as a primary mode of transport for all of the goods demanded by an increasingly online consumer base. While advancements are made in clean fuel and alternative energy, the basics of transportation remain the same. Consumers will always need goods delivered from one location to another, and there's no kind of automation technology on the horizon that will take the place of bulk freight transport. What will change in the future, however, is the technology behind truckload logistics and the demand for an efficient process.

Increase in Demand

Consider that in 2013, nearly 15 billion tons of cargo were transported by truck. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2040, that number will increase to a staggering 18.79 billion tons.

While specialty freight will be a large part of the growth in the future, retail demand will drive the bulk of demand in the transportation industry. Companies are constantly having to revise how they manage their truckloads to meet the needs and wants of the e-commerce-driven industry in the United States.

Versatility is Key

Part of an effective truckload logistics program is the ability to plan for different kinds of freight and understand the different approaches, constraints, and options for each type of freight. Designing a system for pharmaceuticals transportation is similar to retail considerations, but will have additional temperature and regulatory needs. This seems obvious, but not all companies have the capacity to deliver different types of freight.

So, while some logistics companies specialize in a particular type of freight, like trade show shipping, oversize freight, or international shipping, finding a company that can adapt to any need is crucial. This demonstrates that the company not only has a huge depth of experience but that it has a tried-and-true formula for all types of freight logistics to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Expedited Freight

Expedited freight is also becoming increasingly important as the demand for products increases. What was considered a short wait time just a few years ago now feels like ages. As attention spans get shorter and consumers drive the ever-pressing need to get more freight to their destination more quickly, analyzing and creating a logistics plan for expedited freight is critical.

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