Common Healthcare Supply Chain Problems

Common Healthcare Supply Chain Problems

Medical devices are among the most important items to be delivered. Because it is often a matter of life or death, this makes it a field that cannot afford to experience delays due to preventable errors. Here are three common healthcare supply chain problems.

High Costs

Many additional costs can result from medical equipment shipping. You may incur extra costs when packing the product due to the highly sensitive nature of medical instruments. You may also face additional costs if the shipment requires refrigeration, or if it exceeds a certain dimensional weight.

Technology Deficiencies

Healthcare supply chains also face issues due to a lack of technological innovation. For example, medical communication takes place primarily through fax. These traditional ways of doing business may lead to shipping delays and could prevent shipments from being redirected if necessary. It can also prevent your operation from efficiently scaling production.

Supply Shortages

The last of the common healthcare supply chain problems is the shortage of supply. In one sense, this can happen when a producer does not have enough supplies to meet production demand. The inability to produce your medical devices in the absence of materials can be crippling to a business.

Another factor that harms businesses is the inability to make your product. You may have all the excess supply in the world, but if you can’t create enough of your product, it won’t matter. The same can be said of your ability to get your product to the consumer. Your logistics company must be able to match your orders, or you risk losing business.

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