Common Examples of Specialty Freight

The three most valuable commodities moved by the U.S freight transportation system include machinery, electronics, motorized vehicles
Common Examples of Specialty Freight

Not every good or product fits neatly into a box. Even large storage containers, pallet wrapping, and other modes of shipment cannot accommodate sensitive, fragile, or unusual items.

If you're considering running a manufacturing business but are unsure of what items require special shipment, here are a few that might qualify as specialty freight:

  • Sensitive electronic equipment or devices, including medical devices, office equipment, computers, and large or complex lighting systems or speaker systems
  • Robotics or industrial materials that have fine-motorized parts or are temperature-sensitive
  • Restaurant and food service materials, like refrigeration systems, ovens, meat grinders, or other cookware and baking materials that are bulky and prone to dents
  • Fragile housewares that might end up in a hotel, furniture store, or casino; including large mirrors, light fixtures and chandeliers, fans, glass, pottery, grandfather clocks, delicate chairs and tables, or particularly valuable furnishings
  • Antique or historical items that require preservation, including centuries-old furniture, machines, tools, or artwork
  • Trade show exhibits, which require absolute protection from damage as well as easy packing and unpacking
  • Fine art that can be sensitive to light and moisture as well as bumping and jostling
  • Bicycles and motorcycles, which can be difficult to wrap and protect, and which generally need to remain upright
  • Medicines and other pharmacy equipment, often need to be refrigerated, kept away from specific materials or chemicals, and which can be prone to breaks and spills.
  • Military freight, which requires specific documentation, security clearances, or careful handling to ensure a safe and timely journey
  • Awkward, oversized items that are particularly heavy or cannot be moved on a trailer with other objects, like statues or large industrial parts
  • Large and valuable musical instruments, like pianos and pipe organs, as well as sets of instruments

Essentially, anything that can be damaged by light bumps and jostling, anything that is particularly difficult to package safely, or anything that requires specific conditions to be transported might fall under the umbrella of items that require specialty freight services.

The three most valuable goods hauled by the U.S. freight transportation system include machinery, electronics, and motorized vehicles. However, these are only a few of the many goods that truckload carriers who handle specialty freight can accommodate.

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