Choosing Between Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight Shipping

Choosing Between Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight Shipping

When shipping internationally, the two main methods of transportation are by plane or ship. These two shipping methods are very different, and each has its own list of pros and cons. Choosing between air freight vs. ocean freight shipping can be difficult, so take a look at the air freight and ocean freight shipping comparisons below to determine the best method for your products.

Cost Comparison

If you are looking for the cheapest option, then shipping by boat is your best choice. Shipping by plane is significantly more expensive than shipping by boat. Ships can carry more cargo than an airplane, so they are able to lower their prices. In fact, air freight shipping is typically 12 to 16 times more expensive than shipping by boat. Due to this significant difference in price, many companies choose to ship by boat if possible.

Safety and Security

While air freight shipping is more expensive than ocean freight, shipping by plane is generally more secure than transporting by boat. There is less risk of theft, and the ride is much smoother. If you sell fragile items, shipping by plane is the best way to help ensure that they arrive at their destination unharmed.

Speed of Delivery

When choosing between air freight vs. ocean freight shipping, you need to keep the speed of delivery in mind. For speedy deliveries, you should choose to ship by plane. Air freight shipping is the quickest way to transport items internationally, and it is especially helpful if your freight contains perishable goods. If you need international air freight services, be sure to contact us at Diversified Transportation Services.

Stricter Regulations

One benefit of ocean freight shipping is that the regulations are less strict than shipping by plane. If your products contain any hazardous materials, it might be difficult to ship by plane due to the strict regulations. For example, you cannot ship the majority of flammable items by airplane, including both solids and liquids.

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