Chemical Transportation Services: Making Safety A Priority

Chemical Transportation Services: Making Safety A Priority

For industries that work with hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, safety is a top concern. When shipping these specialty materials, you should consider your specialty freight options.

What factors are considered for safe chemical shipping?
When shipping chemicals, whether through standard or expedited freight services, your business must consider the following factors. Doing so will help you choose the best possible shipping method for your industry.

  • Temperature: Chemicals are highly temperature-sensitive, so you must plan shipping accordingly. Some chemicals may require refrigeration, for example. Also, be sure to consider how the weather may factor in.
  • Protection: Will the shipping company require special protection while transporting your item? You will likely need to determine whether your products require hazmat or non-hazmat shipping.
  • Destination and Origin: Since you are shipping hazardous materials, the location of origin and destination likely have specific regulations you will need to follow. A shipping company can help you comply with these standards.
  • Time Frame: Just as some chemicals are temperature-sensitive, others are time-sensitive. Communicate this accurately and take advantage of expedited shipping to ensure safe transportation.
  • Quantity: Whether your entire shipment is hazardous or if just one barrel will impact how the shipping company approaches the shipment. The dry and liquid content will also determine shipping storage, so give an accurate measurement.

When shipping chemicals, it's essential to look into regulations in the region where you are sending the freight. This will ensure that you are in complete compliance. And once you have all the necessary information, your shipping company can take care of the rest. By prioritizing safe shipping, you are branding yourself as an ethical company with the integrity to protect the environment and your clientele.

In 2013, the trucking industry moved almost 15 billion tons of cargo. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that number is expected to reach 18.79 billion by 2040. If you want to learn more about transporting unique shipments, contact Diversified Transportation Services today.

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