Can Your Company Benefit From Specialty Freight Services?

Can Your Company Benefit From Specialty Freight Services?

Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, vessels, and locomotives move goods over various transportation networks, helping the international economy grow. And your business is a part of this global network. For your company to reach its full transportation potential, it's important to be using the most efficient types of freight possible. This is where specialty freight services can help. Services like overweight shipping, intermodal transportation, and other types of shipping can be useful. In addition to our LTL shipping services and other customized freight, the following are some examples of specialized freight services.

Container Drayage
Before you ship your ocean cargo, you first need to get your containers to a port. This can be time-consuming, requiring a series of detailed logistics decisions. This is why your transportation company can provide this service for you. While you focus on other job functions, they can move your shipping containers to ports and on to their destinations.

Overweight Shipping
Oversize shipments can be tricky to ship since there are so many regulations to consider. This is why it's often best to work with a professional transportation company. Once you outline the details of your shipment, a shipping company can customize a shipping solution to get the overweight shipment to its destination as safely and efficiently as possible.

Temperature Control
For the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, temperature control is of critical importance. Without proper temperature controls, a shipment could easily be ruined during the course of its journey.

Cross Docking
Orders do not always arrive in one shipment. Cross docking involves breaking up these shipments to send in LTL loads or to hold temporarily. Talk to your transportation company about this service and how your company might benefit.

When planning out your freight logistics, it's important to consider your company's unique shipping needs. Whether you need to ship several cities over or across the country, you can do so effectively when working with a reputable specialty freight company.

Diversified Transportation Services is available to provide specialty freight services for your business.

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