Answering the Most Common Questions About Expedited Shipping

Answering the Most Common Questions About Expedited Shipping
Answering the Most Common Questions About Expedited Shipping

The world has entered a time of instant gratification. The amount of time that people have to wait for anything is shrinking by the day. So too is the amount of time they are willing to wait for things. Not so long ago was “allow 8-10 days for shipping” an acceptable phrase for people. If they got an item in 7 days, that was cause for celebration. Now, anything short of next-day shipping feels like a lifetime, and people won’t pay for the service. That is the world we are living in now. Expedited freight carriers are meeting the demand and moving more goods around the country. We answer the most common questions about expedited shipping.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a form of shipping that is faster than normal services. If a normal shipment takes three days, expedited will get it there faster than that. To shorten the shipping time, expedited freight carriers will limit the number of stops along the way. They will designate a truck that’s going to a specific area as the expedited truck and only load expedited items on that vehicle.

Is Expedited Shipping Fast?

Yes, expedited shipping is fast. It’s faster than normal shipping by design, so customers can get their goods delivered faster. If the normal shipping time is four days, anything under that is considered expedited, and paying for the extra service ensures the item will get there within that time frame. Sometimes, you get lucky, and a regular shipment will arrive sooner than expected, but using expedited services makes sure that it does.

Is It a Direct Delivery?

Expedited shipping usually only involves one mode of shipping. There won’t be more than one truck involved, and the shipment won’t sit on a loading dock at any point in the process. Once the freight leaves your dock, it doesn’t stop until it arrives in the destination city. At that point, it might go to a sorter dock that’s near the final destination. In addition to expedited services, there are dedicated services that guarantee the shipment drives directly to the destination from your facility.

Is Expedited Shipping Worth the Extra Cost?

The most common question about expedited shipping is, “Is it worth the extra cost?” The answer is yes. When you are up against a deadline and must deliver something in two days, expedited shipping is worth it. A few extra dollars are worth a happy customer. It’s worth keeping that customer and worth your peace of mind knowing the package will arrive on time.

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