Expedited Shipping FAQ: Answering Your Questions

expedited shipping
Expedited Shipping FAQ: Answering Your Questions

We’re living in an age of instant gratification. The amount of time people have to wait for anything is shrinking by the day. And they’re much less willing to wait for things. 

Not so long ago, 8-10 days for shipping was fine for most customers, and they were thrilled when their orders arrived early. Now, anything short of next-day shipping feels like a lifetime, and people expect their shipping to be fast and free. 

In order to meet these demands, businesses need to find ways to get customers their orders quickly and efficiently. That’s where expedited shipping comes in. 

Expedited freight carriers are meeting the demand and moving more goods around the country fast. 

But what is expedited shipping? And how does it work?

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about expedited freight shipping, so you’ll have all the answers you need. 

Expedited Shipping FAQ

Here are answers to some of your top expedited shipping questions:

What is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is a form of shipping that is faster than normal services. For example, if a normal shipment takes three days, expedited will get it there faster than that. 

Is expedited shipping fast?

Yes, expedited shipping is fast. It’s faster than normal shipping by design, so customers can get their goods delivered faster. 

If the normal shipping time is four days, anything under that is considered expedited, and paying for the extra service ensures the item will arrive within that time frame. 

Sometimes, you get lucky, and a regular shipment will arrive sooner than expected, but using expedited services ensures it does.

Is it a direct delivery?

Expedited shipping usually only involves one mode of shipping if moving by truck. In most cases, there won’t be more than one truck involved, and the shipment most likely won’t sit on a loading dock at any point in the process. 

Once the freight leaves your dock, it shouldn’t stop until it arrives in the destination city. At that point, it might go to a sorter dock that’s near the final destination. 

In addition to expedited services, there are dedicated services that guarantee the shipment drives directly to the destination from your facility.

What are the logistics involved in expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping has to get goods from one place to another faster than normal shipping — all while using the same shipping methods (trucks, planes, ships, etc.) that longer services use. 

Expedited freight carriers limit the number of stops they make to reduce the shipping time. They designate a truck going to a specific area as the expedited truck and only load expedited items on that vehicle. Fewer stops, and sometimes no stops between pick up and delivery, mean the shipment arrives faster than standard shipping. 

In some cases, expedited shipping also involves two or more drivers traveling in the same truck. This allows them to trade driving duties and decrease transit time.

Do customers expect expedited shipping?

Research shows that customers want their orders to arrive as quickly as possible. In fact, 62% of shoppers expected their orders to arrive in less than three business days when choosing free shipping. If they have to pay for shipping, that time window shrinks even further. 

Businesses must pay attention to these customer expectations because customers are willing to look elsewhere if shipping is too slow. The same study found that 56% of customers abandoned their orders due to shipping concerns.

Is expedited shipping guaranteed?

Some expedited shipping services are guaranteed, and some are non-guaranteed. Guaranteed expedited shipping is great for time-sensitive deliverables that absolutely must reach their destination on a specific day. 

For less time-sensitive cargo, non-guaranteed expedited shipping is a good option. In these cases, your shipment will still be shipped efficiently and quickly but won’t be guaranteed to arrive before the estimated delivery time. This option is also more affordable than guaranteed expedited shipping.

What are some industries that benefit from expedited shipping?

While businesses in many industries can benefit from expedited shipping, expedited freight services are essential in time-sensitive industries. Some major industries that use expedited shipping include the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturing industry, and the e-commerce industry.

What are some expedited freight shipping methods?

You can send expedited freight using a variety of different shipping methods. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Next-day air freight - Send your shipments by air throughout the country for high-priority shipments.
  • Cargo van - To send smaller items, you can use cargo vans to expedite shipments.
  • Straight truck - Expedited straight trucks are great for shipments of less than eight pallets. 
  • Two-day air freight - To ensure your shipment arrives by a specific time or date, you can opt for time-bound services like next-day or two-day air freight services.

What are some expedited shipping benefits?

Some main benefits of expedited shipping include:

  • Faster deliveries
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower packing costs
  • Reduced risk of damaged or lost cargo
  • More secure transportation for valuable freight

Is expedited shipping worth the extra cost?

The most common question about expedited shipping is, “Is it worth the extra cost?” The answer is yes. When you are up against a deadline and must deliver something in two days, expedited shipping is worth it. A few extra dollars are worth a happy customer. It’s worth keeping that customer and worth your peace of mind knowing the package will arrive on time.

Should you outsource your expedited freight services?

Companies of any size, with any shipping needs, can take advantage of and benefit from expedited shipping. But if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of expediting freight, it’s best to find a transportation company with experience with expedited shipping within your industry. 

Partnering with a 3PL expedited freight company will help to ensure you get the best expedited transportation at the right price for your business. 
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