A Basic Breakdown of 4 Major Shipping Services

A Basic Breakdown of 4 Major Shipping Services

Freight shipping service is the process of transporting commodities and cargo by ground, sea, or air. These freight shipping services are extremely important in the world of connection and globalization that we live in today. Here are some of the basic shipping services provided by a freight shipping company and a brief explanation.

  1. LTL shipping definition
    The LTL shipping definition translates to less-than-truckload shipping. This type of shipping is the transportation of freight that only occupies a portion of an entire trailer. This means that multiple shippers can share space on the same truck while only paying their own portion. This makes LTL more cost-effective than other forms of freight shipping. It is eco-friendly, has extra service options, and has great trackability.
  2. Expedited shipping services
    Expedited shipping is just as it sounds -- a faster delivery method. The cargo is shipped at a faster rate than normal. Typically, depending on the distance the cargo has to travel, selecting expedited shipping can get the cargo to its destination in one to three business days. This type of shipping is typically used by industries whose cargo is very time-sensitive, like the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Aerospace logistics definition
    Aerospace logistics involves transporting cargo by plane. It is used when transportation by other methods is not practical. Such as with expedited freight, some cargo is valuable and cannot sit in transport for too long. This shipping method has allowed for a greater global connection throughout the years and continues to grow.
  4. Trade show shipments
    Trade shows allow businesses in all types of industries to promote their products and services. That being said, most times, the business needs to get products to the trade show location. Trade show shipments allow businesses to utilize freight services to get their products to the trade show with as little worry as possible.

Trucking transported almost 15 billion tons of cargo in 2013 alone. That number is expected to increase to 18.79 billion tons by 2040, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information and all your freight shipping needs, let Diversified Transportation Services take care of you.

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