8 Advantages of International Air Freight Shipping

8 Advantages of International Air Freight Shipping

If your company needs to ship products internationally, you will want to choose the method of transportation that works best for your products and clients. There are many benefits of using air freight to ship your products, such as fast deliveries and reliable arrival times. If you are considering using air freight services, then be sure to look at these eight advantages of international air freight shipping.

1. Very Fast

One of the best benefits that come from using air freight shipping is the speed of delivery. Air freight shipping allows you to ship your products in a very short time frame. If your customers are spread out throughout the world, air freight is the best way to help ensure they receive their packages in a timely manner.

2. Wide Range of Delivery Locations

Especially if you ship internationally, you need to make sure you can deliver to various locations. Air freight shipping allows you to consistently transport to many places around the world with ease.

3. Protected

Since your packages will fly high in the sky, there is very little risk of your products being stolen. With all packages, and especially expensive items, air freight shipping helps you to ensure it will arrive to its destination.

4. Easy To Track

Because you can track the plane, air freight shipping makes it easy to watch your packages. Also, the companies that provide international air cargo services can send you updates on your package locations if desired.

5. Reliable Arrival Times

If you have customers or clients who need your product by a specific date, then air freight shipping is the best option. This manner of shipping provides extremely reliable estimation times and dates, so your customers will know when to expect their shipment.

6. No Heavy Packaging

Another one of the eight advantages of international air freight shipping is that you do not need to use heavy packaging. Other methods of transportation often require heavy packaging for your goods so they can withstand a warehouse. However, air freight shipping allows you to ship quickly so there is no need for warehouse protection.

7. Low Insurance Premiums

Since air freight shipping is very secure, the insurance premiums are much lower than other alternatives.

This service allows you to save money and rest easy knowing your packages are secure.

8. Allows Transport for Perishable Items

Due to the speed of air freight shipping, it is a great way to transport perishable items. It helps ensure that the customer receives their items before they expire.

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