5 Common Types of Sea Transport for Your Cargo

5 Common Types of Sea Transport for Your Cargo

To ship freight internationally, businesses usually transport their products by air or by sea. Here at Diversified Transportation Services, our international freight services offer both air and ocean shipping for your business. While shipping by plane is generally the quickest method, shipping by boat is significantly more affordable. There are also many different types of sea transport to ship your cargo securely.

Check out the five common types of sea transport for your cargo.

1. Roll On/Roll Off Ships

The first of the five common types of sea transport for your cargo is a roll-on/roll-off ship, which is commonly referred to as a “RoRo.” These ships mainly transport vehicles, so to load the cargo, all you need to do is drive the vehicle to its place on the ship. After the ship reaches its destination, you simply drive the vehicle off the ship. This type of ship is very efficient and easy to use if you need to transport vehicles overseas.

2. Cargo Ships

Cargo ships come in many sizes and can transport all kinds of freight efficiently. Some cargo ships even have specialized refrigerated areas to carry perishable items to their destination. Cargo ships often have their own methods for loading and unloading freight, so if you need to ship fragile items, consider inquiring about these methods to ensure your cargo is safe.

3. Bulk Carriers

Unlike cargo ships, you will not find many cargo containers on bulk carriers. Bulk carriers transport items such as coal, wood chips, grains, and metal ore. Instead of loading these items into a container, businesses usually pour them right into the hold itself.

4. Barges

Businesses usually tow barges behind ships to provide more space for freight. These barges come in many sizes, so people can choose the size that works best for their specific type of cargo. Cargo ships use barges on a daily basis, so if you see an extra boat behind a cargo ship, it’s most likely a barge.

5. Tankers

If you need to haul liquids or gases, you’ll probably use a tanker ship. Businesses in the oil industry often use these ships to transport liquid securely. These boats tend to vary in size, and some of the larger tankers are almost a quarter mile long! To carry liquids and gases internationally, you need to use a secure tanker.

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