5 Common International Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common International Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re going to ship products internationally, you need to make sure you do it right. To prevent issues with your customers, you must avoid the common pitfalls of shipping. At DTS, we do our best to educate our customers on the best international shipping practices.

Without further ado, here are five common international shipping mistakes to avoid:

1. Not Understanding the Customs and Regulations

First and foremost, you should make sure you know the shipping customs of various countries. Each country has different shipping regulations and rules. That is why it’s so crucial to do some research beforehand. Trust us when we say researching shipping customs can save you many headaches in the future. Try to make sure your packages comply with all the local customs of the receiving country.

2. Incorrect Labeling

Nothing will irritate a customer like a delay in shipping due to a wrong address. In some cases, customers may even return your package or request a refund. Using an inaccurate address or incorrect labeling can have disastrous results and affect your reputation. To avoid this, always double-check and triple-check your labels. And again, it would be best if you do a little research on the labeling requirements of your destination.

3. No Shipping Insurance

Lots of uncertain factors are involved in international shipping. You never know what will happen out there. Cargo ships can wreck, and items can get destroyed or stolen. That’s why it’s imperative to get insurance for the products you’re shipping. Make sure you understand your insurance options before making a shipment.

4. Using the Cheapest Freight Companies

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better! The phrase “you get what you pay for” is very accurate in this case. Of course, you can look for an affordable company, but price shouldn’t be the only factor. A poor freight company may have reasonable rates, but it will provide terrible service. Make sure you check out user reviews and recommendations before picking one.

5. Messing up the Timing

Timing is the name of the game in international shipping. If you mistime your imports and exports, your customers will experience delays and canceled orders. To avoid this, ensure you get your quotes at least a month before the shipment date. In addition, do a little research to find out how long a particular export will take.

So, there are five common international shipping mistakes to avoid. At DTS, we provide superior international shipping solutions. Please don’t wait to inquire with us today so that you can avoid all of these mistakes.

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