5 Common International Air Freight Questions

5 Common International Air Freight Questions

To ship your cargo quickly and efficiently overseas, use air transportation. Air transportation offers a wide array of benefits for businesses, and it’s one of the fastest ways to ship cargo internationally.

Take a look at these common international air freight questions to learn more.

1. How Fast Is Air Freight?

For businesses, time is money. If you want to ship your freight overseas as quickly as possible, choose air transportation. Air freight is the fastest form of international transportation, and if you expedite your shipment, you can expect your cargo to arrive at its destination as soon as the next day.

2. Why Is Air Freight More Expensive?

When you compare air versus sea transportation, you’ll notice that air freight is significantly more expensive. There are a few reasons why air freight is more costly than shipping your cargo by sea, but the main reason is that airlines prioritize your shipment so that it arrives quickly. In addition, air freight is usually safer than shipping by sea, which brings us to our next question below.

3. Is Air Freight Safe?

Without a doubt, air freight is the safest method of international transportation. If you need to ship delicate or expensive cargo, air freight is your safest option. Because air freight reaches its destination so quickly, there are not a lot of workers handling your cargo. When you ship by sea, however, there are many workers handling your cargo every step of the way, thus slowing down the process.

4. Can You Use Air Transportation for All Cargo?

Another common international air freight question is whether you can use air transportation for all cargo. Although you can ship many types of cargo by plane, there are certain restricted items that you will need to ship by sea instead. These restricted items can include ammunition, explosives, fireworks, dry ice, gasoline, and most hazardous substances. If you need to ship these items, work with your 3PL and freight forwarder to find the best transportation options.

5. What Documents Do You Need for Air Transportation?

When you ship cargo overseas, you need to provide all the correct paperwork for customs. This paperwork includes certificates of origin, packing lists, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and more. The most reliable way to help ensure that you ship your international air freight legally is to work with a well-known 3PL, such as Diversified Transportation Services. We work with freight forwarders to help ensure that your air freight reaches its destination efficiently.

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