4 Ways a Third-Party Logistics Provider Can Help You Maximize Your Shipping

4 Ways a Third-Party Logistics Provider Can Help You Maximize Your Shipping

Are you finding it difficult to locate the right carrier for your product shipping? 

Most shippers struggle to find the right carrier for domestic and international freight shipping. This can be detrimental to the overall growth of the business. 

So, what’s the solution? 

You must contact a third-party logistics right away!

To explain briefly, a third-party logistics (3PL) company will act as a common source of information and services between you (the shipper) and the carrier. These companies have the resources and knowledge to find the right carrier for your business. 

Here’s how a third-party logistics company can help you maximize your shipping efforts and boost business growth. 

Concentrate on Other Parts of the Business

Oftentimes companies try to do everything required for the successful shipping of their products and other parts of their business take a back seat.

These businesses could have lost time and money that could have been utilized in production, marketing, and customer relationships. 

With a 3PL company by your side, you can leave everything shipping-related on them. They can offer you professionally managed transportation services so that you can concentrate on important business functions for growth. 

3PL companies offer you access to a large team of professionals who are well-versed in supply chain management, modes of shipping, industry regulations, and more. 

Access to the Latest Logistics Technology

Logistics technology can be expensive. Developing your own logistics technology can be even more expensive. As a business, you have limited resources to access high-end logistics technology on your own. But you certainly can’t compromise the shipping of your products. 

Third-party international freight forwarders can give your business access to such high-end logistics technology and online booking platforms. Several 3PL companies have already developed their own transportation management technology and software to help their shippers streamline their product shipping. 

Get More Leverage

When you are searching for a carrier on your own, you can experience several roadblocks. For example, it can be difficult to negotiate carrier prices effectively due to your lack of shipment volume. Or you might not get enough capacity during a market rush. 

Associating with 3PL logistics can help you eliminate such roadblocks and get more leverage to tip the scale in your favor. Most 3PL companies have the collective buying power and negotiation skills to help ensure you not only get lower rates but also get enough shipping capacity during a market rush. Moreover, you can access advanced communication services to track your shipment without any hassle. 

Outsourcing Helps Reduce Overall Costs

Most shippers think having their own logistics department will help them save on costs. However, the opposite might be true for this statement. 

Having your own logistics department may not provide you enough ROI as you will invest time and money in hiring employees for the department along with purchasing the latest logistics technology. This can cost you in the long run. 

However, outsourcing your shipping requirements to a 3PL company can help you reduce overall costs. The 3PL company can provide you with the manpower, technology, resources, and industry expertise to handle your shipping requirements effectively, saving you time and money. 

Bottom Line

Shipping your products internationally is a key to business growth and success. Having a third-party logistics company manage your shipment can greatly reduce the overall hassle and improve the delivery of products. 

We at Diversified Transportation Services are determined to help you manage your shipping operations effectively. As a 3PL company, you get access to services like less than truckload shipping, international air freight, ocean services, and so much more, along with the latest logistics technology and customer support. 

Contact us now to learn more. 

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