LTL stands for less than truckload. The LTL shipping definition encompasses the transportation of freight that does not take up the entire semi-trailer. This means that more than one shipper may have cargo on one truck. Here are a few reasons why you should choose LTL freight companies to ship your small business's products.

  1. You have more options. LTL freight companies offer more shipping methods than other forms of transportation. For example, you can choose to have a liftgate, notifications before delivery, inside delivery and pick up, special handling, freeze protection, and much more. These options are not always available with other modes of shipping.
  2. It offers better security. When your products are loaded onto the truck with LTL shipping, they are typically loaded onto pallets or into crates. This means that they are protected from the regular wear and tear that can be caused by handling, or residual damage from touching other freight on the same truck. Individual packages are also less likely to get lost with LTL freight services.
  3. It saves you warehouse space. When you use a shipping method like full truckload, you have to wait until you have enough product to fill up a whole truck before you can have the shipment picked up. With LTL, you can send out every less than truckload shipment as soon as it's ready. That means you can free up space in your warehouse every time you send out a shipment instead of having piles of cargo sitting around waiting to be picked up.
  4. Emissions are reduced. With LTL shipping, there are a lot fewer trucks driving around that are not at full capacity. This reduces the number of trips taken by shipping freights, which in turn, reduces the carbon emissions going into the environment.

Right now, the LTL freight shipping market is estimated at roughly $35 billion. It's no wonder since it offers so many great benefits. LTL freight services give you more options, offer better security, save your warehouse space, and reduce emissions. For your small business, you not only will get your items out quicker and save money, but you will also be helping the environment. Your wallet and Mother Nature will be pleased when you choose LTL freight services.

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