3 Universal Truths To Keep In Mind When Shipping Freight Internationally

3 Universal Truths To Keep In Mind When Shipping Freight Internationally

When it comes to overweight shipping internationally, there are a few universal truths your company needs to keep in mind to guarantee a swift and easy shipment. With specialty freight services, in particular, it's important to keep regulations, logistics, and customs in mind.

Consider the three following facts when using specialty freight services for industrial machinery transport, pharmaceuticals transportation, or trade show shipments.

Differences in custom global aerospace logistics
When shipping with specialty freight services, the logistics strategy your shipments began with during the original projection will sometimes finish differently. This is because logistics strategies will differ from country to country.

Therefore, it's essential to keep in mind that you may need to be flexible with your packaging or how you ship your freight. For instance, there's a variety of transportation opens available to domestic companies. However, transportation options become limited when transporting oversized freight overseas or longer distances.

Clearing customs will be a process
Many machinery transport services and freight transport services know the pains of international customs. This is because once the shipment has made its way to customs, it may be examined under 19 USC 1467.

It may be a pain in the neck, but Customs and Border Protection will need to examine your freight for contraband and illegal substances to ensure proper safety and transportation. Because the most valuable commodities typically moved by the U.S. are machinery, electronics, and motorized vehicles it's often these overweight freight shipments that are stopped for examination.

Every shipping process is unique
Some shipping processes come with a lot of hassles and customs issues. However, other shipments are swift and efficient. For this reason, it's important to keep in mind that no two shipments will be the same. How one shipment works out may not be how another works out.

It can be stressful to ship overweight freight internationally by yourself. Fortunately, Diversified Transportation Services is here to help. Whether you're shipping specialty freight or trade show freight, we can help get your shipment sent where it needs to go. For more information on shipping oversized freight, contact Diversified Transportation Services today.

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