3 Types of International Air Freight Services

3 Types of International Air Freight Services

If you want to transport your cargo quickly, you should consider using air freight services. Shipping by plane is the fastest and safest way to transport your cargo internationally. While shipping by plane is not as cheap as shipping by boat, it is faster and more reliable. If you are considering air freight services for your business, you should learn about the three types of international air freight services.

1. Expedited Service

If you want your shipments to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, then you need to choose an expedited air freight service. An expedited service flight will have fewer stops, thus transporting your cargo to the next destination quickly and efficiently. There are plenty of benefits that come with this type of service. For instance, the chance of something damaging your cargo is low since the plane makes fewer stops. Additionally, planes will transport your cargo as fast as possible to its destination overseas. If you need to transport perishable cargo, you should use expedited air freight services.

2. Standard Service

The first type of air freight service is standard service. While standard service is not the cheapest option, it does transport your cargo quickly. Occasionally a standard service flight will travel directly to the destination, but usually, the plane will make one or two stops along the way. Due to these stopovers, standard service doesn't offer the fastest air freight option, but it remains a swift and efficient method of shipping. Businesses that want their items to arrive quickly but do not want to pay for expedited service will use this method.

3. Deferred Service

Some businesses want to ship by air but don’t want to pay for fast service. In this scenario, the business will choose deferred service. This type of service is the cheapest of the three air freight services, but it is also the slowest because the planes can make multiple stops. This type of service is best for a business that wants to save money and does not need its cargo to arrive quickly. However, since the plane makes multiple stops, the likelihood of cargo damage rises with this service. However, if your products are strong and nonperishable, this service is an excellent, low-cost choice.

To summarize, expedited service comes at the highest cost, yet it offers the fastest delivery. On the other hand, standard service, while more economical than expedited, is slower due to one or two planned stops the plane will make. Lastly, deferred service is the most affordable choice, albeit the slowest, given the plane's multiple planned stops. Now that you know the three types of international air freight services, it’s time to choose the best one for your business. Here at Diversified Transportation Services, we offer reliable international air cargo services to all kinds of businesses. If you need help choosing the best type of air freight service for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We’re happy to help you choose the best method of transportation for your company today.

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