3 Tips for Preparing Your Freight for International Shipping

3 Tips for Preparing Your Freight for International Shipping

Reaching a global audience is a big responsibility for any business. A lot can happen during domestic travel, and worldwide shipping can be problematic. Don’t worry! International shipping is not inherently complicated. Once you learn the essentials, you’ll have a better grasp of how to ship your goods successfully on a global scale. Implement these tips for preparing your freight for international shipping to fulfill orders efficiently, no matter where you’re sending them.

Prepare for the Restrictions & Regulations

Customs can be smooth, so you must learn more about the country you’re sending your items to beforehand. Not all regulations are the same for every country you ship to around the world.

If you want to avoid unplanned fees and delays, work with your shipping team to learn and adhere to all relevant regulations. Neglecting to do so will complicate the customs process. Anytime you send items to a foreign country, never assume their regulations—always learn the current guidelines for shipping before sending the cargo.

Calculate & Consider Every Shipment’s Weight

Weight is important to consider for certain shipping regulations, but there are more reasons to calculate the weight of your cargo.

You have to think about the load capacity of trucks, planes, and watercraft to ensure effective shipment. It helps to work with a versatile shipping logistics team. At Diversified Transportation Services, we provide international shipping via DHL that can handle shipments ranging from 5 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. and more!

Sustain Clear Communication With Your Shipping Team

Successfully completing the two tips above, and many more critical processes requires clear communication. Possibly the most important tip for preparing your freight for international shipping is to set clear expectations with your logistics team.

Do you want to upgrade your packaging design to protect goods during international travel? Do you have preferences in mind for shipping globally during the holidays? Explore these details with your shipping team to set a specific strategy.

It’s easy to hand over the reins of your shipping to professionals and let them do the work. Shipping professionals like 3PLs can certainly take a load off a business owner’s shoulders, but consistent communication will always provide the most personalized and accurate results for your company.

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