3 Common Logistics Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

3 Common Logistics Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

What exactly is pharmaceutical logistics? It is basically the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies with pharmaceutical transportation. Pharmaceuticals are invaluable, often expensive, and sometimes lifesaving products, so the pharma logistics services are tremendously important. These products need to get to their destination, and they need to get there quickly and safely. With this process, there are many challenges that a pharmaceutical logistics company might face.

  1. Lack of coordination
    Sometimes, lack of coordination can be the biggest problem faced by the pharmaceutical logistics industry. The importance of coordination cannot be overstated. People are always in need of medications or drugs of some kind, and if the logistics companies are not coordinated, the customers may end up settling for cheaper or even counterfeited alternatives. These counterfeit pharmaceuticals can do a lot of harm to the patients in need of their medications.
  2. Temperature control
    For the most part, almost all pharmaceutical products need to be stored at a particular temperature through the transportation period from origin to destination. The idea behind temperature control is to make sure that the drugs are useful to the patients taking them. Some pharmaceutical products can degenerate if the temperature they are stored at is not correct. This is why many logistics companies need to offer temperature-controlled freight options, as Diversified Transportation Services does.
  3. Warehouse management
    The global pharmaceutical market has nearly doubled over the last 10 years, leading to an increase in sales volume and penetration in developing nations throughout the world. This means that the need for warehouse management cannot be overemphasized. The pharmaceutical industry must rely heavily on logistics services for this task. The increasingly attractive markets, increased visibility in the chain of supply, and reduction of costs have made this need even more of a reality.

So what are some pharma logistics solutions to these common problems? Pharmaceutical companies should look to work with logistics companies, like Diversified Transportation Services, which offers LTL freight services.

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