3 Common Freight Forwarding Questions Answered

3 Common Freight Forwarding Questions Answered
3 Common Freight Forwarding Questions Answered

Freight forwarding is an essential part of shipping freight around the world, so you may have many questions before working with one for the first time. If not, you should have questions because there is a lot to learn if you want to plan freight forwarding projects successfully. Continue reading to find three common freight forwarding questions answered so that you can plan your shipment with fewer questions and more focus.

Is the Cargo Trackable?

Tracking shipments can provide peace of mind to companies because they want to know where their goods are. Knowing where your freight is at any given time can help you monitor issues such as inefficiencies in the shipping process. Luckily, tracking technology is available for freight forwarders to use today, so you should expect your forwarder to provide real-time tracking information. Always talk with your shipping partners about tracking information so that you know how to monitor and assess the information at any given moment.

Do the Freight Forwarders Provide Assistance With Customs Clearance?

Customs can be a disruptive part of the shipping process, so ensuring it runs smoothly is critical to your business. Thus, the question above is an understandable concern, especially because not all freight forwarders will handle your customs clearance. Luckily, you can still find logistics experts to assist with this essential step.

As a 3PL, we provide overseas freight forwarding services by working with a forwarder to move the shipment efficiently. While we aren’t a forwarder ourselves, our freight forwarding services do provide assistance with customs clearance, so you can worry less about mistakes throwing your shipment into chaos.

Do Shipping Regulations Vary Per Country?

A common freight forwarding question you need answers to is whether you should expect different regulations when trying to ship to different countries. Simply put, yes. Every country has a set of regulations you must follow in accordance with the types of goods you’re transporting.

For example, certain items require specific documentation depending on the country you’re shipping to. So always consult your freight forwarder about what restrictions to expect and how you should prepare the goods on your end to ensure a smooth entrance at the destination.

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