3 Challenges Businesses Face When Shipping Oversized Freight

3 Challenges Businesses Face When Shipping Oversized Freight

It’s common to ship oversized freight across the globe, but that doesn’t make it easy. Learning what challenges businesses face when shipping oversized freight is critical if you want to ship your goods responsibly. Luckily, you can start familiarizing yourself with the essentials of working with oversized freight right now.

Read below to find three problems you may face along the way.

Overcoming Shipping Delays

Delays are a problem for cargo of various sizes, especially when the weather becomes an issue. However, oversized cargo can make delays more problematic, depending on the industry. As we’ll discuss later in this guide, oversized cargo requires special care when you transport it, but that doesn’t always stop delays.

Unfortunately, any delay in the delivery chain can have a ripple effect across every other step. For example, if your oversized freight is a large machine that is time-sensitive, shipping delays can become an issue if you need that machine for building a structure, moving materials, or any other number of essential tasks. That said, because moving bulkier cargo requires special care, you can’t rush the shipping process if you want great results.

Meeting Shipping Requirements

An additional detail to consider when working with oversized freight is any regulation involved. Carrying such cargo requires permits, but it’s not as easy as getting one universal permit. Instead, work with your shipping team to establish the specific permits necessary for the state you’re moving through. Each state has its own set of requirements, so prepare in advance to maintain a responsible shipping operation.

Finding Specialized Professionals

Another key challenge businesses face when shipping oversized freight is finding professionals who are capable of doing it. Oversized freight handling requires equipment capable of transporting its particularly large weight. Likewise, you also need trained experts to use that equipment and handle larger goods.

For example, as a shipping logistics company, our team at Diversified Transportation Services will help you prepare the proper resources for your specialized freight, including oversized cargo. Start working with logistics professionals today if you’re ready to put together a plan for overcoming these challenges and more.

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