10 Technology Trends Transforming the Logistics Industry

10 Technology Trends Transforming the Logistics Industry

Technology is constantly changing, and every year, people make new inventions to make lives easier.

In the logistics world, new technology creates faster and more efficient shipping and packaging. In addition, some technologies can save you money and make your business more reliable. If you are not constantly improving your company and adding technology, it might become difficult to keep up with the competition.

To keep up with the trends, be sure to look at these 10 technology trends that are transforming the logistics industry:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, also called AI, is programming machines to “think” like humans. Of course, AI is not as advanced as they make it seems in the movies, but it is a helpful tool to use in business and logistics. The current AI software can improve efficiency, develop strategies, and predict changes in the market. In addition, they can start machinery for certain processes, and some even help with customer service and assistance. AI is certainly one of the most useful technological tools for the logistics industry.

2. Real-Time Visibility

In the past, people could not see their package’s location in real time. Supply chain visibility (SCV) allows people to track packages along the route, but it is not in real-time. For example, supply chain visibility allows you to track the packages when they arrive at each destination. Now, real-time supply chain visibility allows the logistics company and the customers to track the packages in real time. This is extremely helpful for the logistics company since they can avoid delays and obstacles in real time.

3. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection between all electronic devices that allows them to communicate without human assistance. For instance, if you instruct Siri on your phone to turn off the lights in your home, the phone can communicate with the lights and turn them off without any human interference. People use the Internet of Things for many tasks, especially in the business and logistics fields. With the Internet of Things, the robots and machinery in your warehouses are connected, and they do not need any kind of human intervention, so they run all by themselves. This saves money, improves efficiency, and strengthens your warehouse security in the long run.

4. Robotics Advancements

Many warehouses are switching from manual labor to robots. These robots can sort, pack, and prepare the packages for their journey. In addition, they construct pallets, unload vehicles, and even transport packages throughout the warehouse. Another advantage that these robots provide is they can work almost all the time. With employees, they can only work a certain number of hours, but machines can work all day and all night. It is easy to see why logistics companies choose to use these robots in their warehouses since they come with many benefits.

5. Self-Driving Vehicles

While autonomous vehicles are not available yet, many companies are testing and perfecting self-driving vehicles for use in the logistics industry. The goal is to create trucks to haul the freight to its next destination without a driver. Right now, all self-driving vehicles are in the testing stages, and they will not be released until they become safe to use on the roads. Unfortunately, the self-driving vehicle will not be available for at least a couple of years, but it is certainly something to remember and use in the future.

6. Delivery Drones

Companies such as Amazon now use drones to deliver small packages to consumers. If you live in or near a city, you have probably seen a few of these small drones flying over your head. These drones are a great way to reduce the time and money spent on deliveries. They can easily fly over traffic, construction, rough roads, people, and more. Some drones even possess a camera, so you can always see their location and surroundings. The packages usually arrive either on time or early, creating happy and satisfied customers.

7. Automation of Warehouses

Warehouse automation reduces the risk of human error and increases overall efficiency. The main purposes of warehouse automation are to optimize storage space and control the moving and processing of goods. Additionally, there is no manual labor involved in the process, so you can keep your workers safe.

8. Cloud Services

If you want to share information securely and easily, you need to switch to cloud service. Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) is useful and practical, allowing you and your employees to communicate easily and securely. Also, you can access the cloud service from anywhere, making it very helpful for those who travel often. It enables everyone to stay connected, which is extremely important and useful in business and logistics.

9. Virtual Reality (VR)

When you think of virtual reality, perhaps the goggles often used for games and presentations come to mind. But there are also plenty of other uses for virtual reality as well, especially in the business and logistics industries. Virtual reality allows you to test procedures and watch the outcomes without putting anyone or anything at risk. They are great for employee training as well since the new hires can experience and learn about procedures without causing any real damage.

10. Blockchain

Simply put, blockchain is an open ledger of transactions. Blockchain makes all information completely transparent to others on the blockchain. Since hackers have not found a way to trick or break into the system, no one else will know the information except the people within the blockchain. You can now share sensitive information easily and safely with blockchain, so it’s easy to see why logistics companies love this technology.

After reading these 10 technology trends that are transforming the logistics industry, you probably want to add a few of the benefits to your logistics department. One way to improve your logistics is to use shipping and logistic services. These services help organize and control your logistics department so you can use your time on the other aspects of your business. If you want to ship your packages efficiently and reliably, then contact us at Diversified Transportation Services.

10 Technology Trends Transforming the Logistics Industry

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