Air Freight

When you absolutely, positively have to have it delivered in a timely manner over a long distance, air freight may be your only option.  At DTS we handle shipments every day that are “mission critical” for our clients.  It could be a 50 lb. part that is holding up a production line or an installation on an electrical grid.  It may be a 600 lb item that just came in from overseas that needs to be routed directly to a tradeshow that opens in less than 24 hours.  Regardless of the challenge that your up against, DTS will work to meet the needs that your team is up against.

These are the metrics that we need to know when providing a prompt Air Freight rate:

  • Dimensions of the pallets
  • Total weight of the shipment
  • Value of the shipment – for insurance purposes (most air freight moves at .50 cents a lb liability or less, so letting us provide additional insurance provides you, our client, peace of mind)
  • Is it moving dock to dock or do you need special delivery such as inside delivery, residential delivery or white glove.
  • Origin and destination city, state, zip codes
  • Your level of expectation for delivery times frames – Same Day – Next Day by 12 noon – Next day by 5 pm
  • Are any special services needed such as liftgate or a call before delivery