Full Service Managed Transportation

When it comes to Managed Transportation our team works side by side with your entire organization to fully understand your challenges and goals.  Beyond just driving down the net transportation costs, fully understanding a client’s overall goals is what is truly important so that the Managed Transportation process, when implemented will be effective to meet your goals and objectives.

  • Complete supply chain management – LTL – Truckload – Expedited – Tradeshow – International Air. Some clients may worry that they will be giving up control over their supply chain when they move to a managed process.  At DTS that does not happen – In fact you gain more control with better overall net costs, better carrier options, a continuous pricing structure that has more continuity, and most importantly, a sound supply chain with predictable transit times.
  • Transportation and Logistics Consulting and Analytics – We will review your current transportation processes and custom design and implement a solution to meet your specific goals.
  • Shipment and Order Planning – We work to consolidate shipments for a lower overall CPU – Cost Per Unit shipped and look for synergies within a client’s supply chain to take advantage of those weight and cube utilization opportunities.
  • Costing Analytics and Benchmarking – We work to develop savings plans, both in actual dollars as it pertains to the transportation spend and fully allocated costs with overhead and admin costs for our clients.
  • ASP – Account Specific Pricing – LTL – Pricing driven with our 29 years of experience and our ability to reign in your company’s overall costs. RFP – BID process management coupled with contract negotiations, ASP (account specific pricing) tariffs with lane modeling and spot market pricing options.
  • Carrier Management – We work hand in hand with all carriers and communicate with them on a daily basis to ensure that they are meeting our expectations and being held accountable.
  • Shipment Planning and Implementation – Not all shippers are created equal – everyone has different needs and we cater to those needs. Outbound shipments, inbound shipments, third party shipmentsWe set up business rules for your various shipments based on our discovery and analytical needs consultation.  From there we implement carrier routing, rating, consolidation, dispatching, order tracking and exception management.
  • Supplier Management Portal Access – We provide access to our TMS so that your suppliers can enter orders into our TMS, after we train them of course, for prompt scheduling and dispatching. Your suppliers only have visibility to their specific shipments and NOT the transportation costs.  This process allows for a streamlined approach when it comes to inventory management and supply chain effectiveness.
  • Claims and Exception Management – We manage your shipments and advise you proactively on any delayed shipments that may arise. In addition, we will review all documentation that gets presented to the carrier in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Continuous Improvement Process – We never rest on our laurels as we are always striving to meet our client’s objectives and use feedback from our clients to improve any way we can.