The best options for pharmaceuticals transportation

Freight Value
The best options for pharmaceuticals transportation

The Value of Specialty Freight Services

The trucking industry players an integral role in the American economy. Many companies, even those smaller ones, choose to use truckload freight shipping options for the convenience, and security of transportation. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the value of freight moved is expected to increase from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040. Of the most valuable and essential of truckload freight items are pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

When looking to move pharmaceuticals, the rules and regulations are among the most strict and can be the most costly. However, it is essential that pharmaceuticals are shipped in a timely manner, have their integrity preserved with as little loss as possible for patient safety, and most importantly, are shipped using an expedited shipping service that also makes use of temperature control.

Why Temperature Matters so Much

Due to the value of pharmaceuticals, the best truckload shipping rates might not be your first priority. In fact, your first priority throughout the entire processing, shipping, transportation, and delivery of pharmaceuticals will remain temperature control. This can be costly, as the average price for a refrigerated truck and trailer is about $60,000. However, due to strict federal rules and regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration, cost should not be a factor when dealing with pharma logistics. A fluctuation of just two degrees can throw off an entire batch of pharmaceuticals and cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars. On top of this, fluctuations in temperature can not only be detrimental to the drugs themselves, but especially dangerous for the patients that will be taking them, and can even lead to liability lawsuits. Because of this, using a truckload freight service that is capable of maintaining temperature regulations and keeping what is known as the "cold chain" intact is of the essence.

Other Factors to Consider

Cold trailers feature their own refrigeration unit and power source, and if no expense is spared in maintaining the cold chain, your truckload freight of pharmaceuticals is sure to remain safe. However, some other factors to consider when handling pharma logistics services are packaging, driver integrity, and risks of theft on the road. Be sure to use discreet packaging when shipping your products, as this can reduce the risk of theft since drivers and onlookers will not know what is being shipped. In addition, making sure the drivers that are handling your freight know what to do should the cold chain be put at risk, sign waivers for your shipment, and know the rules and regulations of the road are even more important for such a valuable freight load. Finally, using as little drivers as short a route through lower crime neighborhoods as possible will increase your chances of getting your entire pharmaceutical batch safely to its destination.

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