Signs You Need to Switch Your Freight Forwarders

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Signs You Need to Switch Your Freight Forwarders

Whether you are a startup shipping occasionally or a Fortune 100 company with regular shipments, finding a reliable freight forwarding partner is crucial for customer satisfaction. However, there are situations where switching to a new freight forwarder becomes necessary. If you're uncertain about whether it's time for a change, consider the following signs:

Lack of Shipment Visibility:

In today's business environment, having shipment tracking transparency is essential. Your international freight forwarding services should offer real-time updates on shipment location through reliable partnerships. If your current freight forwarder fails to provide this option, it might be a good idea to consider a new one. User-friendly shipment tracking services allow you to stay stress-free and plan effectively.

Inadequate Customer Service:

Customer service should be a top priority for any freight forwarder. If you notice that your current forwarder neglects long-term customers or fails to offer satisfactory solutions to problems, it could be a red flag. Every customer, regardless of their tenure, deserves excellent support. Switching to a freight forwarder that values and promptly addresses customer concerns ensures your needs are met effectively.

Recurring Problems with Shipments:

Consistent issues with your shipments, such as delays in departure or arrival, unexpected hidden costs, or lack of transparency, indicate an unreliable international freight forwarder. A dependable forwarder should take responsibility throughout the shipping process and strive to maintain a smooth supply chain for your business.

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